How comes the difference of number of postcards

Nearly a year ago I started postcrossing and am now almost at 100 cards sent and 100 received. No complaints, but I came across a user with nearly the same starting day that had almost double those numbers. I generally post within a day if a spot comes available. I thought this was quite some gap and am curious how such a discrepancy might develop.

If they are from a very active country on Postcrossing and have enabled the “send to own country” feature, many of their cards will travel domestically and have very short travel times, so that could be one reason.

It could also just be “luck” and that you happened to exchange more cards with slower, more distant countries.


Thanks Tara. I indeed do not ‘send to own’, but have been posting to countries like Belarus and Ukraine and India. Which cards to the last two did expire after 60 days.

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There are some coutries with a very fast postal service. I recently sent some cards in the travel mode from Germany. They arrived to their destinations in half the time it usually takes to those countries from the Czech Republic.


I’m in the USA. I selected “my own country” and send multiple cards to same countries. I get a lot of Germany and USA. Both usually have quick delivery times more than most countries. So I get cards sent fairly quickly for the most part. Germany and the US have many users so if you have the multiple cards selection selected you may get more American and German addresses and may help speed up the process.

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what do you consider “very quickly”? I have a card sent to someone in the US which has not been registered after 20 days.

Are they registering other cards, but not yours? Do they take a long time to register in general? My domestic cards are averaging less than a week recently.

I started about have a year ago and have about 50 cards send a received. I am from Germany and I bet Imif I would have enabled own country and same country at the same time, I would have way more cards. It takes 1-2 days in Germany for a card to arrive, that is really quick. But I startet Postcrossing together with my kids to learn more about different countries in the world that’s why I don’t really want cards from Germany.

Just because you started on the same day as someone else doesn’t mean you have sent the same number of postcards.

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I just started. I have like 6 postcards traveling. I think there is one to China and one to Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Estonia. I’m (im)patiently waiting for them to be registered. I really like this. I want to send and recieve more!

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Give each of those 3 - 4 weeks, China may be a bit longer, but my recent ones have arrived before they expired.

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