How can our postal services support us sending postcards? What's on our wish list?

Hi folks, I thought I’d ask the community how they have been successful at getting support from their own postal services in supporting us sending postcards. And what would be on our collective wish lists?

  1. Promotion of World Postcard Day? Any specific actions/suggestions here? Any postal services that created their own postcards?
  2. Were there any stamps created for World Postcard Day?
  3. Creating a Postcrossing stamp
  4. I know the German postal system supports the literacy campaign fundraising from postcards sent by members
  5. What else?

I’m asking because Canada Post is doing this neat free, postage paid postcard mailout to 13 1/2 million households as part of their #writenowwritehere campaign to increase letter mail in Canada - asking people to mail the cards to someone they miss, love, are thinking of etc. I thought it might be a great time to follow up ask for more postcard support.

Plus it would be a great time to spread the word about Postcrossing. I’d appreciate hearing people’s successes & their wish lists please. @meiadeleite any thoughts?


I am happy to see what Canada Post is doing. For the U.S., I think the top priority would be a Postcrossing stamp.


That and reversing all the cuts made last year to the USPS!


Well, that would depend. The criteria for selecting topics for US stamps is restricted to American or American-related subjects. If someone has the energy to submit a proposal for a US Postcrossing stamp, they will need a very good justification that this is a hobby that a lot of Americans participate in. Emphasizing that it’s an international organization won’t fly with them. So in my mind, the best chance of this happening is if the justification emphasizes that there are a lot of American Postcrossing meetups happening across the country all the time and that there is a fair amount of participants. The justification would need to include statistics of how many American participants are active in Postcrossing, how many meetups are held per year in the US, and how widespread it is within the US. You might also need to include some stats of how many participants also swap Postcrossing cards within the country.


I think the best comparison is the special stamps the USPS has issued for wedding invitations. People often want a stamp that fits the particular occasion, and the USPS is sometimes willing to provide that.