How can i withdraw my posts?


i would like to know how to withdraw my posts, please ?

could anyone tell me how to ?

thank you :slight_smile:

That is quite simple:

Select the 3 points below the post and then the trash.
After 24 hours, the post will have disappeared.

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hello, hello! @Bille

thank you, kindly :slight_smile:

but, withdraw = trash can ??
it seems a bit odd to me but now i know how to withdraw my posts :slight_smile:

Why is it odd to throw something you no longer need in the trash? :thinking:


well, i have just had a good positve conversation with someone from japan in the thread i created, but she seemed very hesitant and after all she chose to withdraw her posts by hitting the trash can button.

the posts by her were not garbage so she did not have to trash them. and now i want to withdraw my posts with her too but i need to treat my posts for her like garbage ?

i find it it is a bit odd but now i know how to withdraw at least.

thank you again.

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Yeah, it might seem odd to throw something away that you like, but I assure you that the other person does not see it in a negative way :smiley: otherwise they would not have done it themselves.

In another forum that I’m active in and where you can’t delete your messages, people commonly request an option to delete their own private messages because after a while you’ve got so many messages that it can get overwhelming and difficult to find what you are looking for.

Apart from that the trashcan as a symbol to delete something is very commonly used for example in your emails or when you delete something on a computer. Because of it’s widespread use, it is generally very recognizable - and personally I would not be able to think of another easily recognizable symbol as a replacement.


Maybe think it as a recycle bin. You put your written words there, they go back to individual letters, and then you use them again when forming new messages?


yes, come to think of it, i have seen the trashcans here and there and i recalled there were times i had to put something good and positive in those trashcans as i just could not manage to keep everything i like in the same place, as there is always a limit. i did not mean to trash them at all but there was no other way for me.

yes, i really need to think of it in a different way like in the way you wrote. thank you!