How are you celebrating World Postcard Day? Share your pictures and experiences

Yup, that’s the big Correos office in front of the Cybele Fountain in the centre of Madrid :grin:


In Osaka City, Japan, we had a picnic styled mini-meetup on World Postcard Day. Near this very unique slightly old postbox with the statue of people holding the globe as you see in below. 5 people gathered together and one more person joined later on. So, 6 people total to celebrate. I was more or less nervous but I am very happy that the meetup was really really enjoyable. I should express that I, as a host, was helped by the tolerance and generocity by all the participants. I would like to thank each of them very much. :slight_smile:


Saved 8 slots for today! It was a lot! (I finally used some cards I got on vacation in may and lost and I found them!) Happy WPD everyone!


So I learned something today. WPD was a bit challenging here in Canada because Friday (yesterday) was a statutory holiday so no mail pickup & today, Saturday, there’s no pickup either on the weekend.

But the postal outlets are open even if there’s no mail pickup, so I thought I’d see if they would hand cancel with today’s date & they did!

Normally, I don’t really care about cancellation marks, but I thought I’d ask (many of Canada’s postcards regularly show up with no cancellations at all because of going through the sorting machines).

The postal clerk wanted to stamp it with Oct 3rd, but I said can you stamp with today’s date instead. She wondered why I’d want to do that so I explained that millions of people were sending postcards today because it’s World Postcard Day (or World Postcrossing Day as I wrote on some of my cards, lol).

So she happily changed the date stamp back to Oct 1st for me. Hurray!


Success! :tada: :tada:


Was hoping to have an enjoyable day today sending a few postcards on World Postcard Day. One of the profiles I drew had some surprisingly mean things on it. The user said that she will not favorite postcards she receives that aren’t scanned, and that if a user’s profile is blank (nothing is written under “About”), she would send a blank postcard to that person. It was terribly mean-spirited. I don’t usually come to the forum to complain, but I’ve had a run of this type of profile lately and it’s taking all the fun out of it. People are certainly allowed to write whatever they want, but so many completely miss the point of this project. Sorry for complaining, but this bugged me.


I’m sorry to hear that. :frowning: Do let us know about it on the site’s contact form, as this doesn’t seem to be in the spirit of Postcrossing.


I sent out 16 cards today. 5 official cards going to germany (2), poland, japan, and canada, 8 direct swaps and 3 personal. It rained so had to take a quick photo before mailing. But i did take one inside beforehand.


I sent out 15 cards today!




We privately swapped and your wonderfully designed WPD cards were shared with the participants at the Osaka Meetup :slight_smile:

Thank you!


What a lovely building @SnowsNFurter! I just went for a little tour out the front using Google street view. I would love for my local post office to be in a grand building such as this :heart_eyes:!

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I am so happy to hear that! :heart:
Thank you for your kind words! :slight_smile:


What a gorgeous scene @castrofeercl! I want to be sitting right there too :heart_eyes:.

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I am absolutely loving all the beautiful descriptions and images that everyone is sharing here. I feel so connected to you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

And I can’t wait to see if one of the gorgeous postcards I’ve glimpsed or heard about here arrives in my postbox one day! I will have my fingers and toes crossed!! :crossed_fingers:t2:


How did you get early access to Dalle2? And how did you create the stamps. Are the valid stamps?
Thank you!

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It’s my birthday today as well :tada:
But found some time to write 7 cards and had the result of my first lottery.
The rest of the day I baked cakes for the party tomorrow. Celebrating my sons birthday too. He completely is into “stumble guys” an iPad game, so I made him a stumble guys cake. Hopes he likes it. He sees the result tomorrow as a surprise


This is my first World Postcard Day, so I didn’t plan well. I only had two slots open. I requested addresses first thing in the morning and added a few more to friends. Got them out in the box before 10am. Next year, though, there will be proper festivities because any day celebrating mail is fun!


I’ve send 30 card to 4 different country’s: 1x China, 7x USA,10x Russia and 12x Germany. i had hoped on more different country’s. Maybe next year. This was my card:


Oh my goodness you were busy today Gerda!
Your card is very cute! Can you tell me what it says please? Thank you :smiley:.

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Had a wonderful time at my first meetup!