Hover over/click on flag to see name of country

Often I don’t recognize the flag displayed next to someone’s username, and sometimes their profile is hidden, or the national flag they chose does not match the country they are currently located in. I would like to know what the flag they chose refers to.


Many European postcrossers will usually display the flag of the European Union (EU) :eu: which has 27 member countries.

Some UK postcrossers will display one of the four home nation flags of England, Wales, Scotland and the more rarer unofficial Northern Ireland, (sadly the postcrossing Forum doesn’t recognise my UK flag emojis) as well as the Union Flag :uk: or the EU :eu:

I personally would like the Jolly Roger flag :pirate_flag:


Yes! I’d prefer the California Flag



I’d like to fly the flag of Cascadia

It would be cool if I could use the flag of Oregon, U.S.A. I wonder if it would be confusing? Maybe allow both American and state?? I dunno lol

It would be nice to just have an alt text function on them so if you hover the mouse the country name is displayed.

Not sure about American state flags as primary ones, it’s very confusing for non-Americans when you ask “where are you from?” and the person answers “Wyoming”… :sweat_smile:


I use UNESCO :point_up:

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Yeah this is what I meant!