Hoping for a Canadian Postcrossing stamp

A very Happy March 1, 2021.
Third time is the charm. We are trying to raise awareness of the quest for the Canadian Postcrossing stamp to the Canada Post Corporation. Not an easy task to get through to them.
The Canada Post Corporation is giving all Canadians a free POSTAGE-PAID-IN-CANADA POSTCARD, and we are encouraged to mail this free postcard to someone we care about. I for one think that it is a brilliant gesture during this pandemic.
Blessings bestowed on all our hard working Canada Post folks! Thank you for bringing joy to our mailboxes.
What if we were to all send these free postcards to the Canada Post Corporation requesting our own Postcrossing Stamp? We could tell our stories about Postcrossing. We would be joining the countries who already have a stamp, and you can bet that I would buy more that one booklet. I would buy a sheet or two of Canadian Postcrossing stamps. Wouldn’t you? We are their unknown stamp buyers, and I just sent my postcard to introduce myself. What about you?
Admin. Folks, am I allowed to share the address on this forum?


Mine arrived today.
Great concept, too bad it looks like junk mail. I bet most won’t even open and toss in the recycle. What terrible external imagery.
Canada Post: please hire me as your marketing designer person :p! I guarantee my version wouldn’t have gone into recycle bins without opening.


When I first saw the free postcard, my first thought was that it was another flyer from a dental office.


Spot on Herchelle!
Am sending you a PM.

Lots of opportunity to creatively decorate. :wink:
I will send mine to a Postcrosser who collects Covid-related postcards.

Perhaps if you succeed with an issued stamp, the USPS will take notice of the requests we have made!


I have sent a #WriteHereWriteNow postcard to Canada Post, making just the suggestion you propose here.
I’ve been thinking about this idea ever since I joined Postcrossing last year, and am pursuing avenues/making inquiries to do so, as I mentioned in an earlier post here.
I have also posted in another topic to inquire about Postcrossing protocols and about forming a Canada Postcrossing Stamp committee…
Let’s keep in touch!

I think a Postcrossing stamp in Canada would be very cool! I know that in the US there is an actual public stamp committee that makes decisions about new stamp designs. Is there a similar body here in Canada that we could petition?

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From the Canada Post website

All stamp subject suggestions should be directed to:

Chairperson of the Stamp Advisory Committee


Thank you!
Welcome to Postcrossing. Hope you enjoy the exchanges!

I just saw this topic while browsing, and was amused because I remember how excited I was that Canada Post was giving out free postage-paid postcards…

…And then they didn’t deliver any to my apartment building. I asked my neighbours, too. Nobody saw a single one!

Now that I see the postcard we missed, I don’t feel so deprived :laughing: but still, it would have been nice to have a little freebie postcard.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here managed to get anywhere with Canada Post re: a Postcrossing tie-in. Is this the thread where we would hear about that?