Homemade postcard/greeting cards

Hi. My power went out and I had nothing to do for 2 days. So I painted a couple things. There’s 2 greeting cards and one postcard. You can have written or unwritten. If you want it unwritten I can send an envelope to fit it’s size. Here are the cards…

The cake pop has matching stickers! I just noticed that green smudge eww. I fixed it. So you won’t see that if you want it

First time painting space. “I know nothing with any certainty but the sight of the stars makes me dream” -vincent Van Gogh

I painted this on a rock. I fell in love with design and put it on a postcard!

I hope you guys enjoy. Please comment which you want and PM me so people know what I have. I’m not expecting anything in return by the way.


Hello! I would love the mountain one!

Hello ! Van Gogh is wonderful! I would like to have if it’s possible please :pray::relieved:

All the cards are gone by the way. They won’t let me delete