Homemade only swap site?

I love making postcards and would love to receive some handmade cards, or even penpals who made homemade everything.
I love this website too much, but I know my favorite isn’t everyone’s favorite.
Do you know of a website similar to postcrossing where instead of the requirement being a postcard, the requirement is that it is homemade?

Also, I’m 33F and if you are interested in a penpal or swap buddy who also loves homemade please let me know your interests and if you are interested in swapping with me.Hablo español. Também falo português.


Have you heard of Artist Trading Cards? They are small cards, 2½ x 3½ inches (very specific) which are traded and collected by enthuisiasts. They can be decorated in any way you can think of, with paint, stickers, fabric etc. They can be swapped or sometimes sent as Random Act of Kindness (RAK). The swaps are often themed. It’s really amazing to see the variety of ideas that people have! And the advantage is that, being small, they don’t take up a lot of storage space…I have mine in special binders.
I would be happy to write and or swap with you!


If you prefer homemode you may drop the official part and instead join in activities in #postcard-mail:mailart-handmade-stationery

There are RR, Tags etc and all need to be handmade! Of course you may also seek direct swaps.

Please look at this topic: DIRECTORY Handmade Cards & Mail Art


There is swap-bot
( www.swap-bot.com )
where is many styles of groups, also “Handmade postcard club”
It might take a while to understand how it works, and is not that internationally active as it used to be, but still good place to do swaps.


I’m a member of swap-bot, too. I joined them in 2011, a while before I joined Postcrossing.
Every now and then I do a handmade card swap there. The admins missed to update the techniques of their website, I think. I miss the opportunity of showing what you received, and also there’s no online-community that I could find where people exchange. I’m a member of a few groups - I especially like the “handcarved stamps” one, where there are some really good swaps every now and then. But there’s no activity in any of the group forums. I prefer the “extra” of exchanging with each other here in the forum. It’s so inspiring to see the artworks of the others. My favourite place is the Handmade RR, even though I didn’t participate for a while. On Swap-Bot people can decide whether to open international swaps or national ones. In the previous two (?) years most swaps that were interesting for me turned out to be national - US only - ones. Also there’s a rating system that gives you points, which isn’t that great, I think. (Although it helps to spot scammers quickly - but sometimes you get bad ratings if you send out late, which happens quite often for handmade things if life has other plans than you had.)


I posted an offer in the forum here, making it clear my cards were handmade, and listed what I wanted to trade for. I also look at other people’s offers of handmade cards and offer to trade for them. I like seeing the visuals so I’m sure the recipient wants what they get, and vice versa.

There is a mail art section at atcsforall.com (AFA) where you could trade handmade postcards. What’s also fun at AFA is they have art-a-thons where many people are creating and posting ATCs and other sizes (bookmarks, “twinchies”, “chunkies”, postcards…) over the course of a few days, chatting and showing images of what they’ve created, and trading. It’s a lot of fun to join in since it’s happening at the same time online.


Thank you very much for the RR link. I have never done one, but I REALLY love this idea so much. I’m going to join.

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Thank you who has replied. I’m so excited for these options.

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Are you still looking for someone to exchange handmade postcards with? if so i’d definitely be interested. I only learned about the forum recently and this is a cool place to go…

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