Homemade envelopes part 2, theme: Coloring book

Hello all,

Thank you so much for your nice comments in my previous topic about handmade envelopes (theme: nature).
This is a sequel.
Once, for my birthday, I received a large coloring book.
But it’s so much work… The pages are very big and I don’t see the point of coloring it all the way through.
That gave me the idea to make envelopes of these as well.
Would you guys like to take a look?
Looking forward to hearing your reactions!

This is how it starts: tearing out 1 page and choosing which side is appropriate:

Then use the template to draw the outline of the envelope and cut it out:

Coloring (I choose to color only the front of the envelope, which is already a lot of work…):


1 more:

Another one:


This is such a good idea. I’ve got 5-6 colouring books upstairs that I’ve not touched for about ten years.

I did make some envelopes after your previous thread, but I’ve run out of source material. Thanks so much for your ideas.


I think these look lovely, such a good idea! I’m going to look for my coloring book now :smile:


Wow great idea. Good use for okd colouring books :heart:


Beautiful envelopes friend, love them :two_hearts:


What a great idea!
Love these envelopes :blue_heart:
It would be fun the receive one!


It is possible though, to receive such an envelope.
These days I send almost all cards in an envelope.
I started doing that after I noticed that so many cards are damaged in our postal machines.
That is such a shame.
Only when someone explicitly states “no envelope” I send a bare card (that’s what I call it).
Because I really find a card in such a nice envelope much more ‘dressed up’.
By the way, I do write the full address on the card as well, and I put real (used) stamps on it. When someone doesn’t want the envelope, the card still looks official.


I have also done some of these kind of envelopes, it’s fun, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing!


Beautiful envelopes, they look great. Being a parson lacking in patience, I really congratulate on your effort on creating these :slight_smile:


Great job!
It seems I forgot to tell you that I was surprised and pleased by your selfmade envelope in which you sent me the telegraph card. I keep it together with the other decorated envelopes in my special box.
Thank you :slight_smile:


Simply superb.
You keep on getting better & innovative with the ‘enveloping’ ideas.
Love this (& all) work of yours. :heart_eyes:
Thanks for sharing.

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Don’t ask me why but until now, decorated envelopes / mail art was synonym of long letters /pen pals.

The idea of a postcard with text, adress and used stamp on it send in a decorated envelope opens new possibities.

And I have much more envelopes ready to be send than time to write long letters :wink:

A few of my “ready to be sent”… (If someone intrested, PM)



See, I like that…

And what beautiful envelopes, the world is going to be a happier place.
That’s for sure.
Just watch: we’re going to see more and more postal workers riding bikes with smiles on their faces!


Up until now, I’ve never sent a postcard in an envelope when I’ve drawn an official card. But now with these, I have a nice little stash of envelopes ready and waiting. And the first envelope won’t have to wait long because I’ve just drawn an address where they ask for the postcard to be sent in an envelope. :hugs:


Great use of coloring pages!

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This is made from colouring book, and I remembered this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

it goes to someone who likes Moomins, so I hope I can find a Moomin postage stamp too.