Holidays delaying delivery?

Hello- I’m curious if other postcrossers noticed a delivery delay due to the holiday months. I recently started a few months ago and October postcards seemed to be right on track then suddenly long delivery times. I’m guessing this is normal, but just curious if it happens to most.


Yes, this is normal at this time of the year - there is always a slowdown in December, and this year probably even a worse one, because of the pandemic.


I’ve also seen delays for things due to the delivery systems being mobilized to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine.


Our post office gave the delay warning already awhile ago. People have really been shopping online more this year, so they made new packet delivery records here a week or so ago. Our office also gives us the “delivery before Christmas / New year” dates for both domestic and international, so you can make sure you send your greetings on time. It is of course not completely sure, there are so many things affecting deliveries, but they are at least trying.


Yes, our postal systems are under a lot of stress worldwide since the pandemic began (and some were pretty stressed pre-pandemic too) - we need to thank our postal workers for doing all that they do.

Factors affecting postal delivery:

*huge increase in volume of parcels via online shopping because of the pandemic,

*COVID-19 precautions which take more time & reduce processing speed,

*lack of staff replaced or enough extra staff hired to handle increased volumes,

*plus Christmas & other holiday rushes,

*fewer flights for mail to travel on as well,

*COVID-19 outbreaks in sorting plants,

*cuts to postal services - big cuts in the US

*bad management including bad work processes & work structures in some countries


Yes I have also noticed that in my country, which supposedly has one of the faster postal systems in the world. I noticed that my postcards are coming in batches rather than in bits and pieces as it usually did, so there might be something held up at the customs and inspections side. It’s probably also because of the reduced number of flights too, especially since international borders are restricted.


Because of another upcoming lockdown and Christmas season here in Germany, there are going to be major delays. I sent a postcard to my friend who lives in my city a week ago, still hasn’t arrived yet!


There are delays due to normal heavy holiday volume but also because of the pandemic. Some postal hubs are closed and some are a week or more behind schedule because of not having enough workers.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll just wait patiently.

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Yes. Because of all the reasons listed, mail is very slow. I am having cards to Germany and Belgium expire…and mail to those countries never expired before. Maybe after the holiday mail will start moving better.


I second the “yes” for Canada. Even Canada to Canada cards are taking longer. If you’re expecting anything to/from Canada, give it at least a week more than the usual travel time to/from here.

Yes x 1000000 :raised_hands::clap:


Yes, it happens every year and it’s worse now with corona. I feel for postal workers, since many people only think about themselves and complain like crazy about their package being 2 days later than normal…


I usually try to slow down with sending in December as I don’t like to add more items and also I am scared things well lost as well as delayed. But this year I have more free time than I ever had (not due to the pandemic, just my life) so it is harder.

The US postal system has been crazy for months, travelling times to the US have doubled and tripled for most of us since at least June-July if not earlier.

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I guess I’m having the same issue right now :smiley: I sent a card on the 29th of December within my country and it still didn’t arrive.

There was only the 30th and a Saturday then.

Our post, both letters and parcels, has been experiencing delays since about April last year, so not much difference over Christmas.
Apart from less flights from overseas into Australia, there are further delays once a postcards lands here. For example, I was just registering a card sent in the Czech Republic on 31st December 2020. For some bizarre reason Australia Post have started stamping mail from overseas, luckily on this card they didn’t stamp over the ID number (it happens), but chose a blank spot under the address where it is very clear that the cards was received by Australia Post on 18th January 2021. Today is 28th January 2021.
But I am very thankful for the post deliverers carrying out their essential service. Also for KK in my local post office - that guy has been a lifeline, on duty every working day all through these pandemonic days.
(Doubly thankful to KK for stocking the silicon brackets that make breathing in a mask when walking/talking so much easier. But he soon ran out of stock, all the people I met on the street and told of my useful purchase went straight to KK to get their own!)

As far as I know mail to and from Australia is happening if not slower than normal.

I have just noticed expired postcards are now set to 60 days. In this day an age of covid where there are hardly any planes flying at least to and from Australia that is a very short span of days to set. 5 of my postcards I sent is February are still travelling and have not arrived at their destination.

It said that if non of my expired postcards arrive I will be suspended from Postcrossing, that would be very sad that I am penalised during this very unusual time.

Can Paulo do something about this?

thank you

Hi Bridget! I’ll send you a message about this, as our data doesn’t seem to match your experience, and so there might be something else going on. :disappointed: Hopefully we’ll be able to help.