Hitchhiking postcard

Today I received a nice stack of 11 cards - but only were 10 addressed to me.

Stuck to a round robin postcard intended for me was an official postcard addressed to a fellow postcrosser in a neighbouring state (1055km away).

I will pop it in an envelope and send it on. Unfortunately there is no profile name listed and the senders name is a little hard to make out. I can make out the ID though. The receivers address is water damaged but I think I can make it out. Is there a way to notify the sender? Or maybe admin could confirm it. I don’t want it to get lost again.

I just find it neat. Both cards travelling together from China to Australia from different senders (99% sure) but both postcrossing cards - not just some random card. I wonder what percentage of travelling postcards are postcrossing cards…

I was excited and told my family, but they were a bit “cool story bro” haha so I wanted to share here! :rofl:

This is the card:

I hope everyone has a great day!


I think this happens to all postcrossers - the mail sorters get to know our addresses as ‘the one that gets all the postcards’.

If the address is readable, just drop it back in the post without an envelope, and Auspost will re-deliver it correctly (hopefully…). Or hand it in at the counter, if you’re worried. But you definitely shouldn’t be paying for a stamp to fix the mistake.

I once accidentally posted a card that I had previously received (it got caught up in my outgoing cards), and they just delivered it back to me a few days later.


@helent I had to pry them apart, they were pretty well stuck and the misdirected card isn’t stamped by SWLF like the my card. I think they must have gotten stuck between China and here. Normally if I get mail for someone else I just give it back at the post office.

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Yes, I’d contact Admin & see if they can confirm the address for you and if they can’t, then send it anyway & hope for the best.

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I was so surprised to hear of things like this happening, until it happened to me. Stuck to one of my received postcards, there was a postcard addressed to someone in Russia, from the same sender! I put the card in an envelope and sent it on to the Russian recipient.


It happened to me both ways. One card from CZ adressed to me arrived in the USA and was Kindle forwarded to me in an envelope. I one received a card to a Lady in the Townhouse next to mine and I did the same.


I receive maill for my neighbours at least once a month, and more rarely, but still regularly, to other people in the same city.

Hitchhiking cards happened to me twice - once for a RR, where I send the card along with my own, and once a card that was stuck to mine from an official sender. I also sent it on in an envelope as it was going abroad. I gave my Postcrossing username to the recipient and sent messages to the senders, but neither ever got back to me.
So I decided in the future I will just pop stray cards back into the box, as I do for domestic missents.


When it happened to me, I mentioned it to the sender in my registration message, but he didn’t say anything.
With the card I sent on to the Russian recipient, I included a message explaining what happened. She contacted me through the website and then sent me a thankyou card (which took like 8-9 months to get to me because in the meantime the pandemic had started… oops).


I’ve had this happen a few times. Just popped it in an envelope and sent it on to the recipient.

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When a took my mail, which consisted of one Postcrossing card, out of my mailbox today, I thought, oh, I got 2 cards today! but the second card was stuck to the card, and when I pulled the cards apart, I saw that the second card wasn’t a Postcrossing card at all, but a regular postcard, sent from someone in Germany with an address going to Australia! The German stamp had been destroyed when I pulled the cards apart. I thought, well, if I were the intended recipient, I would really like to receive this card, sent between friends in two, far away countries. So, I attached a USPS Global stamp, and wrote on the bottom of the card, “This card came to me in the USA, thought I’d send it on! Cheers! Denise in Michigan” and put it in my local mailbox. I sure hope it gets to Australia! Anyone else have anything similar happen?


Yes i often get the postcards for everybody in the town because postwoman think i am the only one who get postcards. Most time beginning of holliday.


Wow, not with mail intended for someone so far away!

Years ago I was subscribe to a political satire magazine called “Funny Times” and once I got someone else’s copy folded up in my own, but it was meant for an address only about twelve miles away, in my same zip code, so I just put it back in the box with a note for the letter carrier.

It would be so interesting to get a card from a friend, forwarded to you by a complete stranger in a third country - they are going to have a great story to tell!


I’ve had this happen a few times. Always just stick in an envelope and send it on its way to intended recipient.


Not with mail for someone so far away, but I received some letters for people who live about 5 - 10 minutes away. Regularly, about 2-3 times a week, I have the neighbors’ mail in the mailbox.

For other postcrossers I had received three times mail so far, two of these postcrossers I know personally.

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Just today I received four PC postcards, and thought there was another one. That other one turned out to be a letter hand-addressed to a neighbor two houses away. We share the same house number and street name, but one is a court and one is a lane. Mail and other deliveries tend to get mixed up. It was especially frustrating when my cell phones were delivered to her twice!


I once received a card - not a Postcrossing card - in my mailbox, but it was clearly addressed to someone in Toronto. Not even same postal code, street # or name, … nothing could be considered to be close to my details.
I think a machine somewhere just decided that I needed another postcard. :rofl: I, too, forwarded it to the intended recipient.


I once found a plastic bag in my mailbox, with a postcard’s address side facing out. It was my address, but there was more stuff inside, so I was confused. When I opened it there was an envelope addressed to another Portuguese city, about 170kms away!
It was from a fairly rare country (Philipines), so I’m convinced someone there bundled all the mail to Portugal (these two pieces) and they travelled all the way together to me. :blush:

I just took it to the post office the next day, but felt a bit sad about separating these two adventurous pieces of mail… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I live in a small town (roughly 500 people) and I’m pretty sure the post office just automatically sticks all postcards into my box regardless of who it is actually addressed to. There are not other postcrossers in my town, so any random postcard I get usually belongs to a local. Then I stick it in an envelope to make sure it gets to the right person. I’m a little concerned that if I just stuck it back in the mailbox it would spend a couple of days getting sorted in the local post office and get tossed back to me on the fact that it’s a postcard, haha.

Once in a while I get one meant for somebody else in the world, usually stuck to mine. If it’s another postcrosser, I put it in an envelope and add my own postcard because I know they’ll appreciate the bonus one.