Historic postcrossing cards from China

Hi, my friends at Postcrossing! I have just started collecting postcrossing cards sent from China and picture postcards sent from China in general, especially the ones showing the street scene and urban views of China (Shanghai would be my favorite of course).

Postcrossing has defined a new (electronic) way of exchanging postcards, which has been a hobby as old as postcard itself. However, postcrossing has become historic as well: 17 years old now. How time flies! I love ‘historic’ views and stamps from postcrossing postcards from China since 2005. I have just started this project and so far the earliest I have found is from 2009:

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There are stamps on the back for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which is a long time ago now. By that time, there had been only 140,000 postcrossing cards sent from China compared to more than 2,000,000 now. I miss those days when we were not indulged in smart phones and sending postcrossing cards using PCs. I sent my first postcrossing cards from China in 2012 and wonder where they are now haha.

I would love to see yours.

Best wishes,

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