✅ Hint / Reminder "Your profile is not complete" on main site

That hint / reminder

on the main site popped up a few hours ago and since then it won’t disappear. No matter if I try to log out and back in, refresh page or clear cache. Other members, at least in the German Forum, also have the problem.

(By the way, my profile, also the profile from others, are complete.)

Well, actually not a real problem, but we German users, who have participated in the Cards for Literacy campaign, would of course like to see the interim results regularly :smiley:

There is still space on the start page - wouldn’t it be possible to leave the interim result there permanently?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Browser Chrome on Windows 11


I just wanted to post about the same thing but it seems like you were faster :sweat_smile:

I’m having the same problem:

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I had just edited my profile a little bit some days ago only to see this “reminder” today - I thought that maybe I set that reminder off by doing so!

I’m having the same reminder and it really doesn’t look like a general reminder (which I think it is), but like a personal note. It’s kind of irritating.

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I’m also having this issue and because of the results of the charity campaign it is really annoying.

@Angelthecat - seems you have an ad blocker, because in the “space” you pointed out I see ads on my screen.


I just checked and this is on my profile too :sweat_smile:

I suspect this is a default reminder on the main site.
It seems like it’s a general “notice” like the advertisements and commercials.
When I click on my profile, my page, I don’t see it anymore.

Haha, yes, I have. :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:

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We all have never noticed this reminder before. And while I agree that it is a default reminder, it doesn’t sound as if it was a default one, but directly addressed to the user just reading it.

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I actually never look at the part where the ads are. I also find that part annoying with the “weirdest commercials”.

I don’t see it as a personal reminder.
Since you’re highlighting it, I notice the “reminder”, placed under an ad on Postcrossing’s main page.
I hadn’t noticed.
But when I go to my own profile, I see the image related to “the area where my mailbox is”.
I don’t see the reminder/announcement on my page.

No, we only reported about the reminder on the main page, not on personal profile pages :slight_smile:


This was my bad — as usual, I touched something. :sweat_smile:

It should be fixed now. Thank you for pointing it out!


Thanks a lot Paulo for your fast work :hugs:

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