[HELP!] wrong address given on the main page

Hello, Postcrossers from all over the world. I’m a novice. I’ve been here for several months, and sent some cards. I’ve been keeping my eyes on my mailbox. Sadly, there’s always nothing. I was confused, until this morning, I found that there was a mistake of my room number( I’ve corrected it). However, there must be some postcards that have already been sent. I’m worrying about the trouble in that. What should I do now? I’m sorry but it’s urgent!
Thank you

Postcards have certainly been written to you, but you have not received them.
You can ask the postman about the postcards or the person who lives in the room that was incorrectly named. And continue to wait for postcards…

Maybe you should write a note about the wrong room number in your profile.


Thank you so much! I’ll take a try.


That’s a good tip and you should inform both of them as soon as possible.
You must also inform Postcrossing support, otherwise you may be blocked and unable to write any more cards before you register any :arrow_right: Contact us


Okay, I’m trying. Thank you!

There may be other reason - postcards to China take a lot time to reach the recipient. So, be patient, sooner or later they will arrive :wink:


Ok, thanks for your warm tip!