Help with the new Dungeons and Dragons stamps (USA 2024)

Hi everyone! I was so excited to see this come out! U.S. Postal Service Reveals Additional Stamps for 2024 - Newsroom -

I have a Dungeons and Dragons blank postcard (Tiamat).

Here is my offer :slight_smile:

  • I could send you blank postcard in the envelope, which you could mail me back with the Dnd stamp(s - not sure how much is the US postage) -written and stamped
  • and of course, I can offer some postcard, written and stamped, or swap some tea/stationary, or try to fulfill some special request of yours.

Thanks a lot!


I’d be happy to both receive & resend your Tiamat postcard–presumably written & stamped with the D&D stamps, unless you specify otherwise–when the D&D stamps are released here in the U.S. (nb, they haven’t been yet).

Otherwise, all I’d ask for in return is a written & stamped postcard & for you to accept one from me too!

I was already planning on doing a large drop of D&D-related cards come release day for these stamps, so I’ll be buying ~10 sheets!

Please reach out & let me know if this arrangement sounds good to you!


Yes, thank you so much!! :smiley: :heart:
I will keep an eye on the release date. In the meantime, what postcard could I offer you from Slovakia? Is there anything you collect specifically?

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I’m happy to receive any postcard you can offer, but I particularly enjoy postcards of architecture or scenery–something that really gives the feel of a specific place, for lack of a better description.

Otherwise, I’ll reach out via DM to exchange addresses & such!

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