Help with my DIY postcrossing meetup book

Hello everyone I would like to ask for help or more like a suggestion.
I went already to 3 Meetups and decided that it was time to use a specific notebook for it and not put them into my other trash/event/travel journal .
I decided to use this notebook that I bough months ago and did wonder for what to use it back then .

The help that I’m asking is that I want to make a landing page if we can call it that way
( the first page before everything else )

After that page, I will add the Meetup postcard , participance list if there is any , some pictures of the meetup and some text ( which I know how to do since I already did in my other journal ) Actually will move my 3 Meetup cards there as well
I did check Pinterest for inspiration but didn’t found anything of my liking
As well saw a lot of spreads that use used stamps … but personally I collect stamps so in a way I feel bad to glue them there
Any help will be appreciated :hugs:
Thank you :bowing_woman:


I love Totoro like everyone else in the world!!
Recently I’m preparing to send some cards to special children in the UK via and one of them is blind.
I’ll do the same; I’ll use our local beach sand (since she can’t see glitter) and glue the sand like blind alphabet, write something for her to read with her little hands. So maybe you could also do cursive glitter for the first page…
You could animate it with some shadow by using metallic pen under it.
That’s my take.


Collage from old postcards? On a German forum I saw one thread where the user called for old postcards from Germany to make a collage.

You can also glue small pieces of concrete that would symbolize the Berlin Wall:) In Berlin there are building sites everywhere you go!

You can make a collage from old newspapers and that would be black and white or use magazines for more colours.

Once I went to the “Papierankauf/Verkauf”. I don’t know how to say it is English. It is a place where you bring old paper and you can get some money for that. I went to that Papierankauf and brought eg. 2 kg of paper. I suggested making a swap. I leave the paper there, don’t want money for that but I want to get magazines for free from them. The owner said yes and for 2 kg of the paper that I brought I could get 1 kg of old magazines. For me it was great 'cos I love reading magazines in German to practice my language skills. Some magazines for women had stickers which I could use for the postcards:) It was during my stay on Berlin.

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Oh I didn’t know about places like this in Berlin ( I know about places that you can bring your old things that you can’t sell and want to dispose of it but not that you can take as well … Do you have an address maybe ? )


This Altpapierankauf in Pankow Heinersdorf where I was, is permanently closed (according to internet).

You mentioned charity shops, second hand shops or Sozialläden. If you are lucky, they have stickers and postcards cheaper than other shops. Sozialläden are in many districts of Berlin. Diakonie, Stadtmission, Caritas have their own charity shops. Does any of BSR Recyclinghöfe have a charity shop?

I went to Sozialladen near S-Koelnische Heide and S-Oberspree. You will find them on Google. They were cheaper than Humana shops.

Google Altpapierankauf/Verkauf + name of district and see if there are any. Go there, talk to the people and maybe they will make a swap with you just like I did a few years ago.

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I actually have one that is my favorite where I can get a lot of postcards and even ones got a whole box with stamps for around 1 euro . Personally Humana is not my kind of shop if we are looking at a second hand store .
It’s sad that the one you mentioned is closed but maybe they will reopen it someday again who knows

Lovely my neighbour Totoro notebook! :eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And i am happy to learn about idea of making a note about meet-ups

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