Help with identifying the Sender

Received this lovely FDC, some wonderful stamps & postcards from >Turkiye Many thanks for such a lovely gifts. Senders name covered with cancellation mark & cannot identify, please help.
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Have you swapped for that fdc? Then look at your mails.

@RalfH Did that first thing, doesn’t come up any where, hence the request here.
Thanks for your suggestion :+1:t4:

Have asked help, if it’s an official card?
I have received on official card in an envelope this style.

Hi thanks for your suggestion :+1:t4:
No ID either :thinking:

Have you swapped on other postcard- or stamp-websites?

If you think it is an official postcrossing card, you can ask for help here:

Thanks but similar was suggested before, but there isn’t any ID either

I have received a card without an ID before too and the team was still able to find the correct sender. Maybe you can give it a try if you think it might be an official card. Sometimes people just forget to add the id.

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Should give homepage search a try.
Thanks for your suggestion :+1:t4:

From your posts I can see that you won @safiyecansu lottery and also did some swaps with her. Maybe that’s from her.


The support can see which IDs should be travelling to you and there might be just on ID from Tukey, for sending from Turkey has become very expensive.


It’s not @safiyecansu, did check that.
Thanks for your suggestion. :+1:t4:

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