Help with addresses

I am wanting to do the “Month of letters”, so I can’t find the addresses of cards I sent… must be overlooking something…HELP

Once the sent card is registered, you can no longer see the address of the recipient.
Only for traveling postcards you can see the address. They can be found under Postcards > Traveling menu.

You won’t be assigned addresses when you participate in the Month of Letters. So nobody will tell you who you’re going to write to. You can send officials, postcards for tags or RR’s here at the forum, or letters/postcards to someone else.

Exactly like Norway girl said.

I am doing it for myself. I have done a few here there. Letters post cards etc.

Some ideas are: Send a postcard or two to same people maybe a week later. Or reach out to some one who haven’t heard from in a while. Valentine’s Day is here. Send a Valentine’s card. Do what you want just write something at least once a day.

There are suggestions in the Month of Letters thread. For example, there is a link to a group that asks for letters to elderly people who are feeling really lonely at this time.

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Hi Laurna,
this is the forum topic about the Month of Letters:

I hope it helps.
Have fun!

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