Help, what should I do with a postcard that have a stub

Recently I bought some postcard that have a stub a the left side and I don’t know how to deal with it. Should I mail with it or remove it as my memorial of this postcard?
Will it do some bad effects to mailing like too long to mail?


First, make sure maximum size of postcard allowed in your country. If it exceeded maximum size, you better remove the stub (I believe it is a bookmark, isn’t it?). In some countries sending bigger card means more stamps needed.

I received cards like that from China. I am not sure if the sender paid more stamps or not because I dont know your postage rate. However most of big or long cards I received came a little bit damaged.


I got a similar one recently and it arrived without any issues.
The card is 21cm long

It came with these two stamps.

I’m not sure if it’s the correct postage. You should check the maximum dimensions allowed and what postage is required.


I can’t help with your country’s postal regulations concerning this card (maybe ask in a local post-office?) but I did want to say that it’s a beautiful card and whether you keep the extra piece yourself as a memory or send it for the recipient to use as a bookmark or similar…it’s still a really lovely idea! :+1:t2:

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It’s great to know oversize postcard can also to be delivered safety, maybe next time I can try it too
I noticed that two stemps is 6 yuan which is higher than standar price 4.5yuan,I think that’s extra charge for over size.

Thx for your advice!
I ask the post office worker and she said not sure, but it is oversized for sure so she recommended remove it for safety and I did it.
Now I’m keeping it as a real stub do: where this postcard go and who will receive it
Marora says oversized postcard can also be delivered so I decide next time I try send it with extra stamps

And thank you for your share!

I think is lovely too
It can keep the connection between me and the card sended alway
but I don’t know which one people prefer, a complete card or a card that sender keeps stub
which one you prefer?

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I honestly would not mind either way.

It does seem like it would make the card quite long and possibly prone to damage in automated sorting processes (and possibly more expensive to send too, if it exceeds your country’s postcard size), so perhaps it might be easier for you to keep the stub and send the card without it.

If I got the whole card I’d absolutely use the stub as a bookmark! I love using some of my favourite postcards as bookmarks. I get to see them a lot that way.

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Send it in envelope or remove this part
This stub is likely to be removed/torn from the card by the postal service

I’ve received quite a few of those cards from China and they all travelled well! I don’t mind either way.

I received a couple of such cards.
In two of them, the stub had also been removed, which I thought was a bit sad, because one could clearly see that something was missing.

But honestly I wouldn’t mind either.

If you want to send the complete card, maybe you can fold it towards inside as if it is a partly folded card (so there is more space to write your message :slight_smile: ), and close the edges with easy-removable washi tape.

If you want to keep the stub, of course that is okay! So it will look like a regular postcard, and speaking for myself, I prefer regular cards because they are easier to store in my collection. But if you do, I would recommend to cut off the tiny edge papers, so that the side is smooth and it really looks like a regular postcard instead of a card which has been torn off and looks like something is missing.

Alas here in NL cards like this are rare, I think some people would be happy with that extra writing part :slight_smile:

Thanks for share!
Next time I will try sent whole card and see what will happen.
Seems both I keep it and sent it a good way to deal with it.

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got it.
good to know that :3
thanks for share!

Thanks for share!
Next time I will try sent it whole and see what will happen
at least not make more that a bit sad
or try cut the edge more smooth make it like a wholre regular card

that‘s a good idea that tap the edges!
one of reasons that I feel unsafe that the stub get missing or dameged in thire trip.
and yes I feel so limited that there is only a small space to writ things that I want to say.
An extra space is sooo good!
that helps a lot!

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So, this is called a “stub,” huh?
I also bought the same style of postcards for sending (it seems that most of China’s regional landscape postcards are in this style). My approach is that when there’s too much text that would take up a lot of space, I write the address and affix a stamp in this small area. Later, I realized that this small part might get bent or damaged during mailing, so I moved the important information to the core of the postcard. As for the stub, I use it to write greetings, stick stickers, or simply tear it off (after tearing it off, it’s just like a regular standard postcard). I hope the recipients of my postcards won’t be puzzled by this obvious alteration.