Help! USPS Have a Ball, how much is worth each stamp?

I’m afraid to use these stamps because I don’t know the current value. It says “forever” but doesn’t say "international ". Searching online it says “First-Class Mail 1-ounce price”.

What is the current value per stamp?

Thank you

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It’s the “regular” forever stamp, so it’s 58 cents


Thank you! I don’t understand why they make it round like the forever international. I think I’m not the only one confused about this.


That is definitely pretty confusing, but International Forever stamps will have “Global” written on it

“Global” is the denomination for international mail of postcards and letters up to 1oz, currently $1.30

“Forever” is the denomination for U.S. & U.S. Territory first class mail up to 1oz., currently 58¢.

No matter what the stamp looks like, make sure you look for Global, Forever, etc.


I think the stamps print “ global ” on it that’s for international mails.

I liked these, added the baseball ones to some Chicago stadium cards and the soccer balls were good for European profiles who like “football”