Help to identify a postcard

I am asking for help to identify the place shown of this postcard from Japan, I cannot read Japanese… Thanks a lot for your kind help!

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It should be this shrine:

(I used Google Lens to find it out)

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Thanks a lot for your prompt reply and the very interesting details about this shrine!

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Well, the problem is that the Japanese legend says Kanegasaki-gu! I cannot read Japanese, but I know enough Chinese to recognize the written characters. They are the Chinese characters, but pronounced differently.
But the view on my card is a bit different from the one Cassiopheia uploaded, which has a different angle but still could be the same shrine…

Any idea about that?


Both are Kanegazaki shrines.
The building is in the back of the first photo on Wikipedia.
Since it’s a big deal, I’ll also introduce the text of the card.

Kanegazaki Shrine is famous for its cherry blossoms.
During the cherry blossom season, a festival called “Hanakae Festival” is held to bring people together.
Entrust your thoughts to a cherry blossom twig and say, “Hana-kaemasyou(Let’s exchange flowers),” and exchange the twigs.
It is a rare festival even in Japan.
People also call this place the “Koinomiya(Palace of Love)”.


It’s in the background of the photo on Wikipedia :blush:

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Thanks a lot for this lively discussion. Thanks to umeco_feb for the translation and final decision!!!

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I closed this topic because your question is answered.