Help Sending to Russia

I have 5 envelopes (might weigh more than one ounce) and 2 postcards I owe people in Russia and I am asking for some help to forward these items. In exchange for your help, I could send postcards (written or unwritten), stickers, unused USA stamps, used stamps from various countries, coins (I have UK, Phillipines, Hungary, Switzerland and Czech Republic), items from Walt Disney World such as theme park maps, magnets or other small souvenirs, or Orlando, Florida souvenirs. Please PM me if you would be able to help send one or more of these items along. Thank you!


I am sending you a PM.

I saw your offer to help someone get cards to russia on the forum. Would you be willing to forward mine?

Today I received a letter sent from USA to Russia via Germany!


if you still need help, let me know :slight_smile:

That is very surprising I would have thought that they would need to add German stamps as well

officially Russia does not send mail to Finland but I send letters to Finland via Germany without adding any German stamps.

And my letters make it there. So, I think it works this way


Sending Finland via Germany didn’t work for me. My card was returned to me.