HELP Needed! Starting a Postcard shop!

Hey guys!
I’m Ruju!
I’ve been a Postcrosser for over two years and have a background in design and art!
I’ve been meaning to start a postcard shop online for a while and have been illustrating ideas for it!

Could you help me by sharing what countries/city you come from? or what you’d like illustrated on a postcard!

I’ve also been meaning to illustrate some famous food from different regions, so drop a comment below with a native food!

Also, would you be willing to buy postcards with topics related to another country?
And, would you be willing to buy from an international shop?

thank you for your help!
Ru :smiley:


Normally not as many postcrossers prefer to receive it from the “correct” country.

Yes, I often do :wink:

Hello Ru :two_hearts:
what a great idea I come from Italy region Emilia Romagna here the food is very famous lasagna piadina pizza :rofl::rofl::rofl: Of course I often buy from international shops :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Good luck !!!

thanks for the feedback!

what exactly do you mean by that!

okay great!

woah thank you so much for the feedback Giorgia!

I’m hoping to start the shop soon! I’m excited for it!


I guess this refers to the fact that quite a number of members don’t like to receive the Moscow Kremlin on a postcard that was sent from e.g. France. So it might turn out to be quite difficult to send postcards depicting sights of another country.


From my perspective, I prefer to receive a postcard showing kaya toast from a Singapore sender, not a sender from Finland. Or Oktoberfest card from Germany, not Italy.

In other words, cultural/food cards from countries that have strong ties to that culture/food.

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@Vindika and @valdavid perfectly explained what I was meaning :slight_smile: Sometimes I grab a few, but only when I planned to order from that shop for other stuff. I wouldn’t order from a shop with the majority of items depicting some country specific stuff that does not match my own country.

ooooh that does make sense! thanks!

you’re right! thanks for the feedback!

I’ll keep that in mind! Thanks for replying and clarifying!

Hi U.K here… For me I like ALL or ANY postcards… See if you can find old images of ones, I know a fellow U.K postcrosser wanted some reproductions recently on Facebook, otherwise well go mainstream and also a little quirky as well, hope it goes well, and look forward to the shop opening! :slight_smile:

Good luck to you, Ruru1212! :slightly_smiling_face:
I didn’t understand: will you print the new cards or just buy and sell?
Can I send to you some photos to check, are they suitable for the cards?

I would happily buy cards from an international shop as long as the shipping fee is not super high (not your fault of course). I most likely wouldn’t buy postcards that depict other countries because I think most people want ones postmarked from the “correct” location.

I live in Pennsylvania, USA. So many things you could illustrate. Amish “horse and buggies” (carriages), The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, The Rocky Statue in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and so much more. As for food, we are known for Hershey chocolate, Shoofly Pie, Philly Cheesesteak, Lebanon Bologna, pierogis, and soft pretzels. There are a few more in this article :slight_smile:

thats awesome advice! Thank you!

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the designs will be mine, I don’t have an industrial standard printer so I’d have to get it done outside!

I totally understand the correct country thing. I’d love to look into the food dishes and landmarks that you mentioned!

I really really appreciate you taking the time!
Thank you : )


You know what would be neat? Making the front of a postcard look like the way some very creative people around here decorate the backs of them! I’ve seen drawings, then there are cut outs of women standing on different washi tape designs. Maybe individuals would give you permission to share their designs? If you made a contest! Design a postcard✍

That is a great idea indeed! Thanks Nique!

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