Help me to find this person

Hello everyone, someone from Finland send me a postcard, but this person didn’t write down the postcard ID. So if this is you, please send me the ID as soon as possible, so I can register it. Thanks


Have you tried this

There you can ask for help. :slight_smile:

If the admins can’t help you, you should get them to move this to the Finnish forum, as they have their own.

Just moved it now.

As mentioned already, it’s best to go to the Register Postcard page and click the link to the request help with ID link. Then you’ll most likely get the ID, if it’s an official postcard. But if it’s a postcard for a tag, RR, swap etc, they won’t be able to help you.

From my own experience, I know that if you provide the sending date, country and sender’s details (e.g. name), the support team will help you. If it’s a postcard from the tag section, just post it in the “thank you” thread (front only) and say you’re thankful but the sender didn’t write the tag’s name.

When you send message to Postcrossing, remember to mention that sender’s name is Leena and she lives in Helsinki (it is written in the card right under Helsinki cancellation) Cansellation only does not always tell where sender lives.

Did you remove this “protection” piece of cardboard? There should be a message and may be also the ID-number.