Привет! Help me practice my cursive writing please!


I am French and I live in Germany. I’ve been learning Russian for almost a year (I don’t know enough to type this message in Russian unfortunately) and I am now learning how to write in cursive. It’s beautiful but difficult, and I need to practice my handwriting.

Can I send you a postcard from Germany in exchange for critiques about my cursive handwriting? (Which letters could be better, which letters look too similar from one another, which words were difficult to read…)

I can find Tausendschön postcards where I live, or if you have another specific request I can try to find a postcard that you would like.



Good afternoon, Melanie.
Write to me in private messages, I will be glad to exchange.
In general, I realized that the Russian language is really very difficult. The other day I received a postcard from Spain. And the sender tried very hard to write the address in Russian. There were a lot of mistakes, some letters were written in reverse, there was a mixture of Cyrillic and Latin letters. But it was so cute… The man tried.

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PM sent

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@mowkie hello! if you still need help, please pm me! I would love to ask you for the same thing with my German languages skills - I really need help in checking my writing :sweat_smile:

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If you still need help, then I’m ready to help you! and if you want, I’m ready to correspond with you in Russian.
Sincerely, Dari

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@pollyspostbox Hi, I am German, but also can read and write Russian. If you need some help in German, may be I can help you?

Я училась русский язык в школе, может быть я могу помочь тебе с немецкым языкoм?


@Antjelino hello :wave:t2: I would love to! I’ll pm you a little bit later :hugs:


Hello!! I got so many replies! I already replied to the first messages on Monday morning (I got PMs too), and I already wrote and sent the first postcards, but I need a little more time to reply/send to everyone (because Christmas season is always a busy time in Germany and I didn’t expect more than one or two replies but I got about 15). Thank you so much!!