Help me, pls - Can I have a whishlist in my profile?

Hello everyone! who can tell, in the rules of postcrossing there is a punk that in the “about me” section you can not write about what you want or do not want to receive, but many have a wishlist . tell me, is there a special line for this, or did I understand something wrong?


As long as it’s written like wishes and not like demands, this is a grey area. The most important thing is that no matter what, all you are obliged to is sending a postcard.
But yes, I try to find cards and stamps that match a profile …


Thank you))))

A lot of members like to get an idea of your interests or things that will make you especially happy, so a list of the kind of cards you especially like is okay! I ended up adding a section that phrased it as ideas for stuff that would be especially interesting to me. But in the end, you can send any kind of card you want, and other users will do the same when sending to you. :smiley:


The official wording is:

“Please use your profile to write about yourself. Making demands about what you want or don’t want to receive is not allowed by the Community Guidelines and may put your account at risk.”

If you are looking for the “gray” area in this, you probably should reconsider what you are doing

You should look upon the likes as “preferences.” This list of don’t likes…it would be courteous not to send people they don’t like.

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Maybe some see this as grey area:

"If you mention which postcards you like in your profile, keep in mind that others are not obliged to send you a postcard that matches your preferences. "

But for me it’s, clear: I am allowed to mention what cards I like. If I mention that, no one has to send me those, of course. But it helps people who own many kinds of postcards.


Thank you)

I think in the same way as sannah82. People can tell what they want. But for me, a new postcrosser, it is not easy to send cards from their list. My “warehouse” is just not so full with cards :smile: I try to find a card, which is “in the near of the list”. or a card from my hometown, Whith a few words about some specials about me or the town. I think - this was idea from postcrossing. They same a dana_lu noted: Think and search for the grey zone - Is postcrossing than really the right community for such people? Last word: We are happy about every card we receive!

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I think you can write about yourself and mention postcard preferences. They are different from demands.


Many postcrossers like these lists, they help them to get idea what to send. I personally put some effort into choosing the right postcard, so I find it useful. It’s still some information about the addressee.
As long as it’s not a demand, it’s OK in my opinion to have a list. If someone can’t send you postcard from the list, it’s still nice to get a postcard from them.


I used to not have a wishlist, just general info about myself and closed with “all cards are welcome”. But I got so many cards where people wrote something like “I don’t know what to send you, it was so difficult to find a card for you”, so finally I put in a very very very general wishlist and now I don’t get those comments anymore.

Personally I like trying to meet people’s wishes and make them happy. I just don’t like the ultra specific wishes with very particular items and threats to not register cards that don’t match these demands/“wishes”.


I love the interest/wish lists!! I have hundreds of cards on hand and want to send something that the recipient will really enjoy.


Like some people have already mentioned, I think it is okay to mention of your postcard preferences. But then I think it is also good and kind to mention in your profile that you can understand even if the senders do not have cards that meet your preferences.

I have received over 1000 cards officially and while many cards were nice, it was not that every card I received has met my preferences that I mentioned before on my profile.

Nowadays, I decided not to mention of postcard preferences myself, though, as they were rather long and two senders actually wrote on the cards that it was rather difficult to choose a card for me. So I deleted most of my card preferences and now just mention of 3 little no’s that I would rather not to receive, like random AD cards. . . This way, it is pretty much up to the sender to choose a card for me out of all cards they have for Postcrossing.

The good thing is you can always edit your profile. So just send cards, receive cards back, see how it goes and you can edit your profile until you get satisfied with yours. I have been on Postcrossing for 10 years and have edited my profile many times myself.

If you still need help, you can always come back to this thread or ask somewhere on the forum.

Have a good time on Postcrossing !