Help me make out the handwriting

I don’t know English at all, so I can’t make out the handwriting. Please let me know it is written on the postcard.

It says: it’s cool to finally write to you. Max told me a lot about you and how good you are at speaking English. Hopefully you could be able to understand my writing. I have one more year left at university and am going to America in few weeks which I am excited about.


I think it’s “hopefully you will be able to understand my writing”.

Best wishes and kind regards,
Not sure what those two scribbles mean


GL = good luck

I think the sender’s name is Tim.

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That is some horrible handwriting :confounded:

I agree. @Slerk, it’s definitely not your English … The handwriting is hard to read for native speakers as well.

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It is written on my page that I do not know English and ask people to write legibly, but they continue to send me postcards with bad handwriting.
It’s good that there are you :grinning: