Help me identify this rubber stamp

I thrifted this along with some other stamps. I’ve no clue what it’s supposed to be. Are they a pile of fallen leaves?

Some kind of floral pattern(?) Not too sure but it’s pretty neat! I like it.

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It looks like a stylised lily.

It looks like a jacquard pattern of leaves or petals. I have seen fabrics and crafting papers with similar patterns.

Yes, this is the name of the flower I was thinking about in my head! But why would the stamp maker make it a square stamp, instead of a singular lily?

Hmm, that would make sense. Do you have any inspiration you can give me on how to use or where to use it? I was thinking at the top right of a letter :sweat_smile:

Yes, it would look great on a corner of a letter. If you have stamps of decorative letters or can a bit of calligraphy, you could also write the receiver’s first initial on top of this pattern. (I was thinking about the old books where they had decorative squares in the beginning of each caption)


You can also use it as a repetitive pattern, make a decorative border on the letter or background pattern for a handmade card.

Like this:


Have you tried reverse Google searching the image? It’s a lovely stamp! I never see any at my local thrift shops but I did get a precious frog one from a subscription recently :frog:

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Man, you should see the thrift shop near me: just bags and bags of rubber stamps on the wall, usually $3 or $4 for 4 stamps. Next time I visit, I’ll send you a picture. And no, I should’ve probably Google Lens’d this first before posting the thread :sweat_smile:

It looks like a William Morris leaf pattern to me. He was a British artist and textile designer, known for his intricate designs.


Took a look at Google and yeah, that’s what it looks like exactly. Thanks for your help :handshake:

I agree with @sandhurst. I instantly thought of William Morris. I can see the sage green with hints of peachy-orange in his designs.


I was also “seeing” this fit together like you’ve illustrated!


You are so kind! Hopefully, you can find some froggy friends. :frog:
I always forget about Google Image search myself, so no worries.

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I think they are icanthus leaves.