[HELP!]: Identifying sender (CLOSED)

I received this card and would like to ID the sender. There is no username, tag description, or Postcrossing ID. I have reviewed my swaps/tags but cannot locate the specific trade.

The card arrived from Hawaii, USA.


For official postcards, you can ask for the ID here.

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Yup, did that, but they couldn’t trace the card.

There are only a few active users on Hawaii, so if there is a name or other informations on the card, you can easily find the user.

Log in → USA → Hawaii → search → and then “order by last login”

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Do you also use other postcard exchange platforms? Perhaps somebody from a different platform sent this to you.

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Nope, just Postcrossing.

Not if the sender was there on vacation.


As @Bille suggested, this steps are really helpful and there are few activite postcrossers from Hawaii, so if there’s name on card, then find it on web


You’re probably right.
But normally this is written on the card.
And when a search request is made here, I assume that we receive all the informations that are authorised to be published.
So I assume that @400050 would have reported it here if that were the case.


I posted to the NA geographical community should the sender look here. I chose not to add it to the Postcrossing category as the PC team indicated they couldn’t trace the card.

I’ve included whatever information I thought would be helpful. The message is a greeting from the island of Maui. I didn’t include the message and name as those cannot be posted (per my understanding) on the forum.

I’ve also browsed the Postcrossers who were active in Hawaii over the last month but none match the name on the card.

I’ll wait and see if anyone reaches out to me.

You have done everything right and all you can do now is wait.
Perhaps the sender will contact you if the card is not registered.