Help figuring out an ID number

update: Problem solved! Thanks for the kind words and advice :slight_smile:

Hi! I received a postcard from Japan but I’m having trouble figuring out what the ID actually is. They used what looks like a carrot ^ a couple times in the ID but in my address and other parts on the card they’ve written all the numbers so I can’t match it to a number.

I’m sorry for the quality of the picture, hopefully you can make it out. This is from the Daily Digest email from the USPS. I haven’t received the postcard yet but I think it’s been misdelivered, which would be the second time this has happened to me with a post card :frowning::triumph:

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You can always ask the Postcrossing team for help with missing or hard to read ID numbers, via the contact form here.

In the picture there is only part of the ID visible. What is there is JP-190 but since current Japan IDs have seven digits, there are 4 missing. Hope that helps!


Thank you. I blurred out the rest just to keep it private. I don’t think it’s a 1 because my address has ones in it and they don’t look like the symbol in the ID. I also tried it with the carrot as 1 and it didn’t work. I’ll try asking the PC team for help though, thank you

The Postcrossing team is so helpful! They recently figured out one I had that I couldn’t figure out. Did you try 7?

It’s definitely a 1 (JP-190…). Japan addresses at the moment are in the 190s. As an example, here’s a postcard from Japan that has just been registered:

This postcard, as you can see, was posted on the 24th May this year.


The ^ are ones. It is the way several European countries are taught to write 1.


The Postcrossing staff will give you the correct number - ask them.

yes, the postcrossing team is excellent… highly recommend. They helped me very quickly with one of mine.

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It’s definitely a 1. I write it that way too.

Since in the US 1 is written a bit differently, they might have written it the US way in the address to make sure the card gets delivered.

But the simplest way to get the correct ID is to ask the team via the contact form - and I see now that the card is registered, great! :smiley:

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When I send a card to the USA, I sometimes write the 1 in the address like an I, so that the sorting machines read it correctly, but when writing the ID I don’t think about changing my usual 1 (which I learned to write with a little “roof” like the one in your picture), that’s why the two "1"s look different. :upside_down_face:


It’s a 1. The address digits are probably different because we are told to write the address exactly as it is printed in the profile.

I’m a bit confused, but interested to learn, you haven’t received it, but saw it in an e-mail? Does your post system send out e-mails, newsletters… with what has been sent to you?

I also suppose it’s a 1, perhaps mail the team if you think it won’t arrive?

And also, good to learn that 1 is differnt as I in the US. I put a small cap on top, not like the symbol you put in, but will pay attention to leave it behind!

It’s definitely a 1. Do you ALWAYS write every letter and number exactly the same? My 1s will look more like 1s when I write slowly and may look like ^ when I write faster.

So I signed up for the USPS “Daily Digest” email, they scan in and email me pictures of the mail that’s supposed to be delivered for the day or later in the week. I also can see the tracking number for packages that are coming soon. I live in a small town so it’s nice to have in this instance since I think it was misdelivered. And like I said, this will be the second time this has happened :frowning: if I didn’t have the Daily Digest I wouldn’t even know it was supposed to be here already.

I tried a 1 in the code and it didn’t work, which is why I posted here, but I tried again and it worked so problem solved! :slight_smile: