Hello from a returning member!

Hello! I joined Postcrossing in 2009. Sent a lot of cards with my older children over the next few years. We had so much fun.
Recently, I’ve been teaching online. Mostly music, then had a lightbulb moment to start a Postcrossing class. I have 5 online classes meeting each week, each with spaces for up to 8 children. We compose cards together and the children also write a postcard to send to friends and family.
Really glad to be back Postcrossing again :slight_smile:
Staggered at the postal increases!! The stamp prices have more than doubled!
Glad to be back :smiley: (kind of back… the forum has changed hasn’t it?)


Oh - changed my username. We used to be ThePies (not that I imagine anyone would remember!)

Welcome back :blush:. I also joined postcrossing in 2016 but stopped at 2018 due to busy schedule. Been missing it a lot and was pkanning to go back since 2019… but was able to only this year january 2021. Was so happy receiving postcards again. Its like having thousands of friends all over the world


Welcome back to both of you! I’m a newbie having just celebrated my first anniversary.
Best Covid distraction for me. So very glad I joined this wonderful community.
Stella, your online postcard project with children is … well, a stellar idea! :hugs: :star2: :star:

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Welcome back! I was active in the old forum around 2013 and just got back earlier this year after a long pause. So many things have changed, both in postcrossing and in life. But people I’ve met are lovely all the time. And the new forum is wonderful.

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