Hearts Across America: Ms. Megan’s Class (Slidell, Louisiana)

Hearts Across America (Ms. Megan’s Class)

These kiddos light up as soon as we come in with mail!!! They get so excited and learn so much!

My kindergarten class is participating in a project called “Hearts Across America”. Our goal is to get a valentine (or postcard) from each of the fifty states.

In order for this project to be successful, we need your help.

Please send our class a valentine card or postcard from your state. We will be eagerly awaiting your valentine!

Please send them early so they will arrive before February 14th.

Our school address is—

Ms. Megan’s Class
1050-A Robert Blvd
Slidell, LA 70458
United States of America

One of my friends is doing the “Hearts Across America” project and thought some of you could mail her classroom some postcards.


Sending one from South Carolina

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Sending from Tennessee **strong text**
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sending from oregon!

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I love south carolina! was in the navy in charleston! so gorgeous! xoxox merice

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Sending from New York City, JamesC

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Vermont sent

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Welcome. How fun!

page57 here with all things arizona

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Sending from Ohio!

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Sending from Florida

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