HEADER with CAPITAL letters?

I tried to write new topic with capital letters at header but it did not work out, it changed word small letters Has this been changed? Because I have done it before and there are lots of chains with capital header.

Okey, here it works… But when I try to edit this: [KIITOS] Kiitokset saaduista korteista
It does not work

This is really weird. Because I can edit other topics I have created and it works but this one does not. Maybe the program does not like word kiitos = thanks :smile:

Hi @Silpa! I think this is a setting to prevent “screaming”, which on the internet is expressed by writing in all capital letters. It’s just nicer to not write the whole sentence in capital letters, if possible.

If this is an important topic, we can pin it — let us know.

Okey, that is the reason. I was using only one word “kiitos”, that means “thank you”. It would be easier to find if it is like [KIITOS] I’ll try to think if I could add there other word/s

@Silpa You can add an emoji to the text.

Look here - I had the same problem: