Having trouble sending postcards to Pakistan

I’ve been having trouble reaching my friend in Pakistan. In fact none of the postcards I’ve send ever arrived! So I thought I might try asking our fellow Pakistanis here or other members for help. I’ve tried writing the address a bit differently or sending it in an envelope, but nothing. It bugs me quite a bit since we agreed on exchanging some sweets, but I’ve been scared to send anything as things never arrive. I don’t really know what to do with it!
So if anyone has any suggestions I’ll gladly try it out…

Have a lovely day…! :sunflower:

I don’t know how long you’ve been trying to send mail to your friend but trying to send mail right now given the catastrophic flooding in 1/3 of the country is probably not a great idea.

This disaster will have severely disrupted services like mail & I’m sure affected services even in the un-flooded parts of the country.

I’m sure others will chime in, but you may just have to be patient for a long while.


I know about that but I’ve sent postcards way before that and still nothing.
You’re right about the disruption of services though. Haven’t thought about that even though I’ve been following the news.

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Yes, it’s frustrating for sure when repeatedly sent mail doesn’t arrive. I hope your friend & their family is okay.

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Hi everyone,

I’m from Pakistan. There really is a problem in receiving postcards from overseas in Pakistan. There is massive political turmoil going on in the country. The country was progressing forward until April when an honest PM was thrown out of office through horse-trading. The current government isn’t very transparent and is composed of crooks. The PM himself is out on proven bail for money laundering. His son is also out on bail for money laundering. The PM’s brother (ex-PM) and his sons are all absconders and have fled to the UK. The situation in the country is just like George Orwell’s 1984. The Internet gets shut down on purpose often. People are picked up at night for dissenting on social media against the government. False cases are being registered often against citizens. Political opponents are electrocuted and sexually assaulted in jails. The media channels are blacked out or bought by the allies of the government. Therefore, people living abroad might not be aware of what’s happening in the country,

The likely reason for us not receiving postcards is that no institution in the country is working as it should. There used to be accountability, technological advances, and diligence in the previous PM’s tenure. The GDP was progressing upward, but now the growth is minus after the new government took over in April. The people of the country have rejected the current government.

At the moment, no institution like the post office is accountable. Hence, no one knows where the mail is going. My suggestion for all Postcrossers is to send postcards in envelopes to Pakistan via registered mail if you really have to. Or wait until elections happen in the country. Postcrossing keeps restricting my account (high volume of postcards sent to me, which I never receive) even after I provide them the reasons. So, I no longer send postcards to stop other Postcrossers from suffering.


Thanks for the update Salman and I hope things get better after the next election.

Thank you very much for your response!! I will try using the registered post and see how things go.

I got your address in the end of April and sent you an official card then, but I guess it is somewhere in the system not knowing what will happen to it… :postcard: :postcrossing:

I’m not sure if it’s much of a progress, but tracking sites say that Pakistani post received the electronic information about the postcard and it’s even on their website tracking…! I kind of feel hopeful now… though I must say it was thrice as expensive as the regular international stamp… So I’m hopeful but also mad since delivering postcards by the normal mail seems impossible and registered is bit more expensive

The postcard reached it’s destination !! Finally…!! I’m so glad… and also not glad, because I will have to send the other mail by registered post too I guess… Otherwise I’m sure it will get lost somewhere in Karachi again.
Anyway thank you very much, I seriously didn’t thought about registered mail. I thought the address is an issue.

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