Have You Ever Gotten The Same Address More Than Once?

I was just curious about whether or not any of you have either gotten a postcard from or sent one to the same address/person more than once?

So far I haven’t but I think that it would be kind of neat.

Yes, I sent a card to the husband and later his wife. The lady caught it and told me about it!


They were 2 separate profiles though right?

My understanding is you never get a profile more than once.


As far as I understand it, you could only get the same profile twice if you send a card and they don’t receive it, or register it over the next year. Once the card is no longer on the system, there’s no record of it, so you could get that profile again.

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Yes, they were two profiles with the same address.

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I have sent a card twice to a German postcrosser, but he had two profiles. It would be cool to read if that expired card thing has really happened to someone. :thinking:

Interesting. I didn’t know that, thanks for the info!

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Not the exact thing, but I recently got a card from someone I sent a card to over a year ago. The card was deleted after a year and then she got my address. :smiley:


It happened to me - I drew someone’s address, and they had expired cards listed in their profile, including one to me.


I sent someone a card and it was not registered within the one year deadline. I later got her address again.


Why would the same person have more than one profile?

I got the same address to a couple in NH. I got his address this past February, and hers a couple weeks ago. Odd thing is, I know this couple from another website that I’m active on, but never met them in person. Even stranger, it was when that other group sends out holiday cards, so I got her address twice in one day. So I sent them a holiday themed card - a two-fer. She thought it was pretty funny.


I’m a children’s librarian, so for a while I had a personal profile and a profile I used so the kids at my library could send and receive postcards too. It was a really fun project!

It’s strongly discouraged by Postcrossing, but some people set up more than one profile to collect more cards before Postcrossing made this clear is my understanding.

I got the same address once in India. I guess that it was a different person in the family or so. Anyhow I only realized this when I got the Hurray Mail as they seem to use the same standard Hurray Mail to everyone and when I read this it sounded familiar so this is how I found out it was the same address.