Have you ever been curious about postmarks from where you send?

Hello, everyone. I am really curious about what postmarks will my sent cards given and if every stamps were postmarked haha. I use 3+ stamps every time and really hope that postal clerks can treat them seriously and make every stamps postmarked clearly, or I will feel sorry for that. Have you ever have such feelings?


I have this concerns as well, but …

  1. I can reassure you the Peoples Republic of China does quite good. Looking at postcards from there, the stamps are all cancelled, in the way half of the cancellation on the stamp, half of it on the postcard. The cancellation is most of the time clear to read. It looks like there is no machine cancellation, every time it is done manually. I wouldn’t complain about Chinas postal clerks!
  2. There are some countries doing not as well, for example Finland, I would say around 3/4 arrive without any cancellation or USA, I would say 1/3 is cancelled the wrong way, either bottom instead on top where the stamp is, or front side. Both countries are using machinery cancellation.
  3. I know Germany is also not perfect, therefore I sometimes carry my postcards to the post office and let them cancel manually.

China Post’s cancellations are done beautifully, so no worries, @KellyXiao! :wink:

@linos203 is right; postmarks from the USA are sometimes…well, unique:

Poor Pusheen was postmarked upside-down and on the front! :sweat_smile: (Personally, I kind of like it, but I can imagine that some Postcrossers might be annoyed.)

And let’s not forget the fish-killing Energy Awareness postmark!:

Something about that one makes me laugh every time I see it; it’s so bad. :rofl:


Thanks for your explanation! When I received cards without cancellation or with blurry postmarks, I feel very sad…hope Chinese postal workers can keep it good.

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I was concerned by this a while ago, so I sent a postcard to myself from the post office I usually drop my mail off at. :sweat_smile: It was pretty good and I was happy that it’s probably the ones going to my draws… maybe try doing something similar if you really want to be sure!

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