Has Postcrossing Changed the Address Block?

Don’t know how else to ask this, and haven’t seen mention of what seems to be a change. It used to be that the address to which to send a card was in a format from which one could cut and paste (I use gummed labels and would paste the address and ID onto the label). Now it appears that the address is in a graphic box and I cannot copy and paste the content of the box. The only way to generate the address for printing without rewriting it is to use the “print address” function.

Maybe I am not being clear, but there does seem to have a been a change. I suspect the purpose is to cut down on illegible or hard to read addresses or ID’s by forcing ID’s and addresses to conform to a specific printed format. Am I correct?

I just requested an adress and don’t see any changes. From the mail I received I could copy and paste into my label programm as usual.

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It’s always been like that. Kinda frustrating. I use a label printer too.
You can cut & paste from the original email that you get when you request an address - there is one part that is not an image. I’ve never figured out any other way to do it.
Some kind of throw-back to when people used printers and scissors to make their address labels I guess?? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Not very earth friendly to do it that way. :recycle:

I don’t normally print, but I’ve never been able to copy and paste the addresses the rare times I’ve wanted to…

I always copy from the email when I want to print an address.


It was always like this (at least in the past six or seven years).

No problem, I use a label printer too, and I do copy&paste from the emails. Easy and fast.

Like others wrote: it never was possible to copy&paste from the ‘traveling-adresses’ - only from the email (at least that’s my experience)

I appreciate the comments, but I am just not seeing the same thing as others. Here is a screen shot of what I get when I request a card to send. There has definitely been a change. I cannot copy and paste from the address block.

At this point I wonder whether I am actually been clear in what I am trying to explain. Thank you!

Hey @MrMopar, please don’t post someone else’s address like that… I’ve removed the image from your post.

To answer your question, nothing changed!

Like others have suggested, if you’d like to copy/paste the address to some other place, you’ll have to copy it from the email you receive from Postcrossing — not the traveling page on the site (which was what was on your screenshot). This is because Postcrossing is never sure how your browser will display foreign characters, as you might not have a font installed that can display them. When we generate the address image, we do it with a font that has as many characters as possible, to make sure the whole address is clearly visible.

Email is a bit more forgiving, and we can include both the address in text format and image there. If one fails, there’s a backup!


Part of this is a terminology issue. What you call the “traveling page” is the only way I have ever been able to generate an address to which to send a card. With all respect, I do not understand what you mean by the “e-mail” I receive from Postcrossing. The only e-mails I ever receive are those telling me that a card I sent has been received.

I have been on Postcrossing for years and am up to 2600 cards in and out. Until recently, I have always seen both formats on the traveling page–a graphics box from which to print the address using the print function and a simple text rendition of the same address from which I can copy and paste the address into my Avery label software from which I can print a gummed label.

Thank you for the time. It’s just that your description of Postcrossing operation doesn’t match mine.

Sounds like you’re not receiving all the emails sent to you by Postcrossing, then… :thinking: Let’s move this to private messages, so I can help you debug that! I’ll get in touch.