Has anyone sent linen postcards without an envelope?

I sent one to Germany, not in an envelope. It’s been traveling for something like 18 days, and from what I can see the recipient has generally been getting postcards from the US in less time than that. What are the chances that my postcard is too damaged to be successfully sent?

I’ve noticed the mail has slowed considerably in the last 3 weeks - cards to Germany normally take 4 to 7 days from Canada - 10 days tops & I now have 2 that are at the 17 day mark.

We’re in the middle of the 2nd wave PLUS the variants are exploding in Europe & starting to in North America & there are many lockdowns & outbreaks including postal sorting plants, so we’ll just have to be extra patient. I wouldn’t assume anything is wrong with your care yet.

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I have gotten vintage linen card from oversea without a problem
Germany depending on where you are in the USA is taking a little longer than usual

it might be because of the snowstorm we had as well. Some regions aren’t used to snow and lasting temperatures below -2C. Mine as well.
As a result we just get post delivered maybe twice a week if at all.
And as LC-Canada said the lockdowns contribute as well. It has just been announced that it is going to last a month longer :pensive:

I don’t think your travel times have anything to do with it being a linen card. But oh, (yes, my opinion) please don’t send those wonderful old linen cards “naked”! I love them, even the “boring” ones, and have received many over the years, too often sent without an envelope. Some come without any damage whatsoever, most of them have an ugly scar across the front from the postal machinery, and a few have been almost completely torn apart, and when that happens it almost makes me cry. I know that in the U.S. you can find these cards really inexpensively and it may not seem like a big deal to take a risk. But these cards are now 60-80 years old. They were not designed to withstand modern machine-processing. I think giving them a little extra loving care (especially since from the U.S. the postage is the same whether they are sent in an envelope or not) is worth it.

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