Harry Potter meeting GDAŃSK 09.09.2023

:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Felix Felicis, ul. Biała 1E, Gdańsk (Wrzeszcz)
:calendar: DATE: 09.09.2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 12:00-14:30
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

We would like to invite you to the meeting dedicated to Harry Potter.
We meet in Felix Felicis, the Harry Potter’s themed pub. For groups over 5 people they adds a service fee of 10% of the order value. Everyone pays for themselves and a 10% fee will be added to the bill. We will spend about 3 hours in the place, so I would like to gently mention that sitting with one drink all the time is not entirely fair :blush:
If you are willing, we can go to lunch after the meeting. Near the Gdańsk Wrzeszcz railway station, there is a Food Hall in Galeria Matropolia https://stacjafoodhall.pl/

Let us know if you are going to join us.

Here you can see this event on our Facebook group Redirecting...

List of participants:

  1. tajaaa Natalia
  2. pidomka Maria
  3. porcelanka Iwona
  4. Kasiaa Kasia
  5. Jusiasia Justyna
  6. czarownica95 Jola
  7. Piskurka Ann
  8. Ciemna Anatoli
  9. karpach_dasha Darya
  10. niewazka Ania
  11. Eccentric_writer Damian
  12. Jagoda75 Agnieszka
  13. Moniko02 Monika
  14. kasiagdaniec Kasia
  15. Karol Karol
  16. erbaluisa Beata
  17. Wioletta WiolaC
  18. Irmina thepolishgirl
  19. Darek
  20. Alicja nextdooralice
  21. Paulina blondins89
  22. Małgorzata robaczek
  23. Kinga Serduszko

There are prepared three designs of postcards for this meeting.
If you would like to order, write directly to Natalia (her nick on Postcrossing is iGraGitara).
Price depends on amounts of order but we suppose it will be no more than 1PLN per postcard.
IMPORTANT! You can order postcards till 14th of July!


How lovely! I will not join, I live too far away, but I’m very interested, are you planning certain Harry Potter-related activities, or what makes up for the theme? (Pretty new here, am eager for some ideas!)
Have fun!

Hi! We’ll be chatting, writing postcards, drinking and eating Harry Potter themed drinks/food (this pub offers them). Other ideas may come later.

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Wanna join!

Czy będą pocztówki do tego meetingu?

It will be nice to see you there! I would like to tell you that you can order postcards now. See information above :arrow_up:

Tak, są już przygotowane wzory pocztówek.

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I am interested in this meetup. I should have been in Gdańsk then! :slight_smile:

Great! I added you to the list of participants. See you soon!

Wow. Fantastycznie, będę. Wrzeszcz to moja dzielnica od urodzenia. Wierzę, że do tego czasu kostium też przygotuję, na to wydarzenie. Super, że będzie możliwość spotkać się z tak zacną społecznością. Do zobaczenia.

Super! Zarpaszamy!

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Hello everyone!
I would be very interested in swap the three wonderful cards.
My offers:

Enjoy your meeting and thank you in advance.

Hejka. Macie jeszcze wolne miejsca na spotkanie? Bo bym z chęcią przybyła, tym bardziej że do Wrzeszcza mam niedaleko. Pozdrawiam.

Cześć! Dopisuję Cię do listy. Zapraszamy!

Jestem zainteresowana spotkaniem :blush:

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Thank you @Tajaaa for the card from this meetup.

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Hello. I’m interested in a Swap with this Card. Here is my offer.
Greetings Alexander

oh em gee, I’m so bummed i missed this!! Felix is one of my favourite places EVER and my sister lives so close and we both love HP (and I’m the postcrosser in the family). Maybe next time!!