Harlingen meeting on 6 November 2021

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Harlingen
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Location is Hotel Zeezicht but not final. It can be changed because thrue the Covid 19.
:calendar: DATE: 6 november 2021
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10.30 -
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: If it’s possible I would like to organize this meeting with around 20 persons.

This will be a meeting will be a meeting with around 20 participants.
Organized in Harlingen Friesland. Catch up and see the beautiful city.

Time for coffee or tea with real frisian orange cake, city walk or museum visit, lunch and after lunch we will sign the meet-up cards.

The hotel owner wants to ask everyone for the covid admission ticket otherwise you won"t be allowed in.

Feel welcome on this meet-up

At the moment their are 18 participants:
1 DutchlaslandGirl Linda
2 WilmaT
3 pia-nij
4 Dina P.
5 Mysticalmy
6 VictoriaIris
7 natasja12
8 Annerie
9 Bianca V.
10 L3oni3
11 joke55
12 harlingen
13 Laddy84
14 Suzanne Martijn
15 Theetje00
16 Frysk Famke
17 Sylvia K.
18 Iris Bruining
19 M. Landman
20 Anne24
21 Gerda RD





how nice, a meet up in Harlingen. I will be there :slight_smile:

I will also participate :grinning:

So nice a meeting in Harlingen, I like to join. :slight_smile:

Please count me in, I’d be happy to join!

I like to sign in, looking forward to it.

Welcome. I woul like to receive your emailaddres so we can chat about 6 november. Greetings Lucie

I would like to come, but i am comming with train is it easy to find?

And i have an app: corona check is that enough?

Oh i am hardly on the forums if i don’t reply or you hear from me mail me: l.dinkelberg@gmail.com

Hi, I like to come to Harlingen too. I hope there is a free spot left!

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hello Leonie,
It is near the harbourstation with the train.

greetings Lucie

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hello Marloes,
you can come too.

greetings lucie

Wil je me een email sturen op l.doeksen@ziggo.nl ivm bestellen kaarten meeting.

please mail to l.doeksen@ziggo.nl. I want to now how many cards you will order and I need your emailaddres.
I do not now who you are.

greetings lucie

I like Harlingen , i will coming to this Meeting , Can you put me on the List , Please ,

I like 20 cards please

Please , count me in, on the list please ,

Kan ik me nog aanmelden voor de meeting in
Groetjes Anne

hallo Anne,

Dat kan nog hoor. Wil je me jouw emailadres even sturen mijn email adres is l.doeksen@ziggo.nl

I would like to come, is this possible?

Can you put me on the waitinglist?

Hi! Is someone interested in swap? I collect meet-up cards. My postcards for swap here:на обмен – 370 Bilder | VK