Happy cakeday (forum anniversary day)! 🍰

Today is the one year anniversary that the new forum opened! :tada: Transitions are never easy, but we’ve made it through the first year with increased activity and an engaged and helpful community, for which we are grateful. Thank you for making this a great place to hang out!

On the anniversary of their signing up, everyone gets a little cake slice :cake: next to their username, celebrating the special date — enjoy!


Thank you @meiadeleite . I was allready wondering why there was a cake behind my name and many other members. Happy Cakeday. It gives me an excuse to buy some cake today :upside_down_face:



I approve of this plan! :yum:


Thanks for sharing this information.
I saw the cake and wondered what it meant
Happy cake day :partying_face:


Huh, interesting!

And it has become a beautiful place! As with any move, you have to get used to the new place first. Many things are different, some things were still a little uncomfortable at first. But once the metaphorical moving boxes were unpacked and you knew where things were, it got better and better. It’s good here!
Can I have a cup of tea with my cake, please? :grin: :cake: :tea:


I wondered where this cake came from! :partying_face:

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Yay cake!! Happy 1st anniversary postcrossers!! :partying_face:

I shall get my cake next month :grin::cake:

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Who wants to celebrate with me?


Congratulations on new forum first anniversary :tada:
I love the cake icon, it’s so pretty :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

H🍰ppy Anniversary❣

Happy forum anniversary, my fellow Postcrossers :partying_face: :cake:. I am going to celebrate this day by hosting a lottery :wink:.


Happy forum-versary! Thank you guys for the great job. I’m virtually eating my piece of cake with you! :cake:

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! It’s really worth celebrating. I’m a big fan of bread and cake! Another two weeks is also my birthday, ha ha ha, Although I don’t know what will happen that day, I look forward to it and hope that the forum will develop better and better! And the new forum has really helped me a lot. In my most difficult time, the people here are very friendly. You made me!

Like I needed an excuse! LOL!

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Eet smakelijk! Enjoy your meal!

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Congratulations on the first anniversary of the new forum🎉
The idea of ​​cake is a nice surprise​:cake::yum: