Handmade Washie Tape Valentine's Day Card Swap

Not sure if this belongs in handmade or swap topic move it if it’s in the wrong place.

I would like to send my handmade Valentine’s Day card. I was hoping to get a handmade card in return but that’s not necessary a regular card is also fine. I just wanted to note if your not in America I may not be able to send right away because I ordered stamps in the mail. I will be mailing it in an envelope to protect it. And I know some people don’t like mod podged cards, mine is mod podged in case you don’t like that.
It has washie tape as a design. Although I needed pink so I painted the washie tape with hearts lol. (The paint was sealed so it should be fine)


Hi! I’d love to receive a handmade Valentine’s card from you! I will send you one too!

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