Handmade Postcard Display Book

I thought I would share a unique postcard display book that I designed and made as a gift for the friend who introduced me to Postcrossing.


This is actually so pretty, I’m amazed :heart_eyes:


It’s so beautiful. I feel your heart very much


Amazing work DJ - so this is an accordion paper fold with pockets inside a hard cover? Am I getting all of this right?

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That’s absolutely beautiful! :star_struck: Did you follow a tutorial you could link?

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Beautiful work for such a fortunate friend! :purple_heart:


Basically, yes. It was fun to make!

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Sorry, I didn’t follow a tutorial. I designed this myself and just invented as I went along. :slight_smile:


Great idea & beautiful! :smiley:

I need to make this ! Please make a tutorial if possible.

What a fantastic idea. The problem is choosing your most favourite cards to put in. Seriously it is great - well done :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I no longer conduct bookbinding workshops or develop new tutorials. But if you have any bookbinding experience (a necessity for such a complex form), you should be able to create your own version. I encourage bookbinders to take a close look at each photo to determine how you might use the skills you already have to construct a similar book of your own design.