Halloween Postcards?

Hi All,

Looking for good sources of Halloween and Samhain postcards. Please post any favorites here.


A few I like:




I bet if you head over to the American Visionary Art Museum in your own fair city, or one of the Edgar Allen Poe places, you’d find some good ones too!

Was just at the AVAM a few weeks ago and they have a giftshop with tons of good postcards :relaxed:


Thank you TwasBrillig – those two museums HAVE to have some good ones! – Michael

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Funnily enough, I found some at the hallmark store :laughing: Although I think there were only 2 or 3 designs to choose from, and they’re obviously more on the cutesy side. But if you’re okay with that, then definitely check’em out.


Amazon has some scary ones

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AVAM and The Edgar Alan Poe House do not have any postcards in their online stores – although I could go over in-person and check! Amazon has a TON of good cards and Hallmark has five postcards. Thanks all so far!! – Michael



Within the past few yrs, I’ve bought postcards thru Amazon, eBay.com & thru stores, Hallmark, souvenir stores here in Florida. COVID-19 made it difficult to go out to the stores in '2020 -2021. My hope to go out to the stores, especially the souvenir stores, to buy Florida & Disney postcards.

*If able to go to Walt Disney World - Postcards of Disney are available for purchase also at the Resort Hotels, in the gift shops look for postcards. Some of the gift shops have seasonal postcard views, the Castle decorated for Christmas/winter season, etc.

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I just ordered a few post cards from this website Vintage Ethereal Halloween Holiday Postcard | Zazzle.com The artwork on the ones I bought have a “vintage, old-timey”, Haloween vibe.

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For those interested – I see Disney Halloween cards at:

I see general halloween cards at:

– Michael

Dont forget that the USPS has Halloween and Days of the Dead sugar skull stamps


Just replying to myself here, the cards I ordered from Zazzle arrived. They are nice paper and vibrant printing, BUT they are on the smallish side. They are not quite the standard 4.25 x 6 inches that I like to see. But I’m old school that way. I’ll use them, but won’t buy from them again. They do have a 100% guarantee, and I’d return them, but I’m not totally dis-satisfied with them either.