Groups of received cards in user's profile

Good afternoon, this weekend I was looking through the cards I received from my recipients to see which ones they already have. And I had an idea: it would be convenient if each user could create his own groups of received postcards in his profile and sort them at his discretion. Wishlist in action. It would be easier for the sender to open such a folder, let’s say with bunnies, and see what postcards with bunnies his recipient has already received. Instead of looking through all received postcards of the recipient. Some users separately scan received postcards and put them in different repositories, mainly for this purpose.
Postcards are displayed in the user interface anyway, so why not implement this feature as well. I think it is very convenient.


I also think this kind of custom categories would be convenient. I made this suggestion in the annual census, too, but I’m not sure if it is technically possible to introduce something like this.

I’m not a programmer, but if it is technically possible to upload so many photos of postcards to the site’s server, and do a grouping by city/country, I think it would be possible to implement such an idea. I believe in it, after all, we live in the age of cybernetics and atomic energy and there is practically nothing impossible anymore. )

With “technically possible”, I didn’t only mean the technical aspect itself. Keep in mind that only very few people (maybe only Paulo, I don’t know) are developing the Postcrossing website and such a big new feature might not have the highest priority.
If it ever comes, however, I’d definitely use it and will categorize my received postcards. :blush:

Yes, I’m aware of the workforce of people working on the site, it’s not a huge corporation ) The main corporation is postcrossers ) But it’s quite possible that my idea will resonate in the universe and it will come to fruition. )

I think one problem with that is, for example, you have a bunny card, do you add it to the category bunnies, animals or even Easter? Let’s say it’s possible to add to the three above categories and you do it. But when I receive a bunny card I think it should only goes to animals category, so even if you look at my received bunnies you won’t see it. ( hope you understand what I’m trying to say, sorry for my English :grimacing:). On the contrary with countries is easy, each card goes to its country, easy and automatic.

A controversial point, but given that the categories will be created by users themselves, it may not arise. For example, I have a Wishlist:

  • art
  • tea cups
  • roofs.
    And in my profile I would like a window where I could fix the Wishlist and when I receive a postcard, when registering or after, it doesn’t matter, I could check it and move it to folder “art”, “tea cups” or “other” folder if the postcard doesn’t match my wishes.
    For example, we see 7,000 postcards of the user and there is only the possibility to see postcards of your country, and there can be many of them too, to send the recipient a non-repeat postcard. For many people repetition is not important, many people do not want to receive the fifth or sixth postcard of the same bunny. In addition to the emotion of receiving a card, the person is still waiting for an emotion from a card they don’t have yet. If I want to surprise someone with a lot of postcrossing experience, it would be hard to do it by looking through thousands of cards.
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That’s is even harder to manage, I think. Because in the end each card could have a category of its own, leading to persons with hundreds of categories. And it keeps being subjective… (in my opinion)

Perhaps, but it would still be wonderful if our received live cards had the same beautiful virtual storage. I hold out hope for a realization!

I understand you… you can always use external platforms. :wink:

Sure, but I prefer universal tools. :blush:

Even if this was implemented, how many of us would actually go through and sort out our postcards into categories,? I suspect it would be a tiny proportion.

Who knows ))
My opinion is that this feature would be convenient for all users. And everyone has a choice whether to use it or not. The main thing is the possibility.

I think this would be useful, for the people who care about it. I know I’d have fun with it. :smiley: maybe it could be realized as tags on the cards, like we have tags on the forum topics?
I’d understand if it’s too much work though. The site is great as it is. :slight_smile:

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