Greeting Cards into Postcards?

I am finding it difficult to buy a variety of postcards near where I live, but I have found a little shop that stocks lovely greeting cards at a reasonable price. Is it okay to turn a greeting card into a postcard (cutting off the back)?


For me that would be okay. I think I will do that with some cards I have as well. But there are also people who don’t like that and only want “real” postcards. Most of the Times those people also don’t like handmade cards.

If the Profile seems like people wouldn’t like it I wouldn’t send auch a card. For all the other profiles I’d go for it.

(I think there is another Thread about this as Well)

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If you are asking for opinions, mine would be “no.” It wouldn’t be a genuine postcard in my opinion. Here are some options for you: go online (eBay) and look for postcards from your country. Also, if you can give me a couple of days, I have some Unwritten New Zealand postcards here that you are welcome to and that I can send you…free. If interested, send me a private message with your address.

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I think it is fine to turn cards into postcards. There are lots of lovely cards that would make fine postcards. I have also seen lots of creative repurposing of items into postcards.


We also have a game in this forum where participants exchange these types of cards: Front of Greeting/Folded Card Tag

As far as I know, you are allowed to send these as postcards, as long as you don’t send them whole as greeting cards within an envelope. As the others pointed out, there might be complaints if you send it to the wrong people. But it is within the rules of postcrossing and we are not required to make everyone happy.


I think a lot of people wouldn’t like that. I had that thought in my early days but as soon as I started hanging out on the forum I realised it’s quite a big no-no, or at least that’s how it sounded. I’m surprised several of the posts above would be okay with that!

(I didn’t know until now that there was a tag for this type of cards!)

I think you mean this one:

I don’t like cut out greeting cards, but I do like hand made cards a lot :slight_smile: (for me these are very different thing - the other some one made, and the other is just a part of something). But of course some only like certain type of card (no hand made), and I understand them too.

I wouldn’t send these, unless someone writes they like these. Maybe join some greeting card swaps until you find postcards, @rhovan?

Also I think of the waste of the other part of greeting card. If a greeting card is lovely, I like to keep them standing somewhere, so it feels not nice to cut them.

I think it’s okay as long as you cut them carefully. I sent two greetings cards shaped into postcards when I first joined Postcrossing a few months ago (back when I wasn’t a member of this forum and wasn’t aware I was commiting a crime - jk :laughing:). The recipients seemed to be okay with that, judging from the heartwarming hurray message.

However, I wouldn’t send a cut greeting card to someone that says they don’t like homemade postcards, so perhaps it’d be a good idea to order some postcards online, since it’s hard to find some near you.

Maybe this wiki with online shops sorted by country will help:

Thanks guys. I must say I am surprised, but I will not do it. I read someone had cut out a cereal box and sent it as a postcard so I thought a top quality nice greeting card front with images and motifs from New Zealand would be okay. I would keep the backs to do handmade cards so no waste :slight_smile:

Yes, some do so, but these are not liked by many either (the food pack cut out cards). But someone like them too.

Still, I only send these “modified” parts only to someone who mention liking them.

(Of course, my own experience affects a lot on how I think about these. Right now I am trying to solve an id of a card that seems to be exactly cut out of a used greeting card. Somewhat floppy, nothing written by hand, only printed address, printed id (part of torn out), printed message, also torn out. And I’m thinking whyyyyy in the world I’m spending time to get this registered, when I’m most obviously only part of a bulk sending line :thinking: )

I speak only for myself, but I’m happy to get pretty much any postcard someone sends me, provided they took some amount of care with it. If it were (as others said) a repurposed greeting card sloppily cut with a scissor, I’d be unhappy not because it was in some odd way not a “real” postcard, but because the sender clearly didn’t much care about what they were sending or who was getting it.

On the topic of “real” postcards, I tend toward the minimalist definition which (checks) I think used to be here, but I guess is in one of the deleted posts. I’ll try to accommodate requests by recipients; if they really hate Zazzle cards (for example), it doesn’t matter if I don’t know why or disagree with them – I’ve got plenty of other cards I can send, and I’m doing this because I find joy in it and because I’d like to send a tiny parcel of happiness to someone else. Some of my nicest (to me) cards are a set I got from JetPens with images from “My Neighbor Totoro”. Beautifully (and of course professionally) printed, but would run afoul of some folks’ preferences because they’re slightly larger than the standard size. I have other very nice cards which are a bit smaller than standard, too.

I’ve received cards of various sizes, just yesterday got a square card from the Netherlands, and outside the auspices of Postcrossing I recently received a matched pair of cards (each with one half of a message) send on decorated pieces of cardboard. Every last one of them made me happy. I’ve been thinking about converting some board game boxes into postcards, though I’d likely only send something like that to a recipient who explicitly requested handmade cards (and who has board games as an interest).


I actually just read the FAQ about this:

Postcrossing is a postcard exchange community, so each exchange that you make must include at least one postcard. It can be a postcard you bought in a store or a handmade postcard, as long as it hasn’t been previously used.


Also just to add that I am happy with any postcard. Anything in my mail that isn’t a bill makes me happy. :grinning:


You need to be a bit artsy/accurate for it to be well done.
Things like cutting a straight line when you cut the back of.
And it must still be in a form so that mail services accept it.
I had someone in Finland who expressly requested “handmade”.
So I glued back and front of a blank letter card together to make it thicker,
then glued the label of a water bottle on that, also painted a small rabbit for him as a rabbit fan.
He was pleased enough with it.
I ALWAYS read the intros to send something that is likely to be to the person´s taste.

I changed a birthday greeting card into a postcard!

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