Going on a road trip,where do I stop for postcards?

On Tuesday I’m going on a road trip since I’m moving to Maine.
I live in Oklahoma so I’m going to be passing through a few states so my question is, Where would I stop for postcards?

The states I’ll be going through are; Missouri,Illinois,Indiana,Ohio,possibly Pennsylvania,New York, and Massachusetts


Truck stops, shops that sell “souvenir” things like shirts and hats and things, museum gift shops, national and state parks


As @scoutingbear mentioned, Truck Stops of the Interstate might be your best bet for touristy postcards. Especially the “big ones” in the middle of nowhere …

In small(ish) towns, pharmacies seem to carry postcards in the souvenir rack …


Stops in Indiana:

Indianapolis: the Zoo, Newfields (Indianapolis Art Museum)

South Bend: Studebaker Museum (cars) has other postcards, too

Indiana Dunes National Park: Visitor’s Center has great postcards. North end of the state.


Oh, Cahokia Mounds State Park is a UNESCO site (near Collinsville, IL, not too far from the Interstate). Not sure if their visitor center is open again, but they had a bunch of postcards there.


Loves Travel Stops usually have a few postcards available and I’ve been able to purchase them at times from Tourist information centers when crossing state lines.


It is not as much fun as the other suggestions, but Cracker Barrel and Wal-Mart also sell postcards and they are everywhere!


Oh wow,Walmart carries postcards now?I don’t think I’ve ever seen them there

They have the postcards near Customer Service or near the souvenir section (if you live in a tourist town).

Thrift stores (Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army) often have postcards and many small towns also have their own second-hand stores that support local senior citizens or other groups.

Larger towns often have library auxiliary used books stores with post cards.

Antique stores usually have a box of cards.

If there’s a bookstore in a town you’re passing through, stop and ask.

Local museums and historical societies are often the last bastion of great cards.

Think of it as a quest, and have fun!


not to throw water on your efforts, but the past year and more retail stores have not restocked postcards in my area (Montana) I used to find lots at one Walmart, but no more, and the other one in town never carried them. Go figure. Scrap thrift stores generally have a ton of postcards if you can find one on your route. They are geared towards educators and artists and emphasize ephemera. The one which pops up in google is located in N. Carolina, but I have been to the ones in SF and Portland, Oregon so I know they exist in other locations. Maybe email them and ask if they know of sister locations on your route? Thrift stores in general are hit or miss on whether they carry postcards, but I love browsing in them anyway because the cards I do find generally aren’t local.
Happy travels! PM your address when you get to New York and I will try to track down a dinosaur card for you - Montana is full of dinosaurs!

I make the drive from Ohio back home to Tulsa & Norman. Truck stops are good around Joplin but after that cards seem less available. Maine is so lovely…the pine smells on the road to Bar Harbor are incredible. Good cards there because of Arcadia. Be sure to get all the stamps you can in your Natl Parks passport book!

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Sadly neither WM or CB in my town have cards :thinking:

oh how or where do I get a natl parks book?

Park gift shops have them, as well as the stamper and stickers. Amazon sells the books too

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I always look for indepedent bookstores when I travel. I find that they will usually have postcards–sometimes touristy ones, other times vintage ones of the area and everything in between!

Gift shops for museums, welcome centers, small shops in historic areas.
I have found that many museums will give you a 30 minute pass to their gift shop even if you aren’t planning on seeing the museum. you just have to ask!

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