Global Bulletin Board- Elementary School in Kentucky

Hello, all! My name is Katie Branch, I am an EL (English Learner) teacher at Squires Elementary School in Lexington, Kentucky (USA). We have started a project called a “Global Bulletin Board” where we are trying to get postcards from all over the world. So far we have over 20 countries and 25 US states. If anybody is willing to send a postcard, that would be wonderful. My students and their families come from over 15 different countries and we are trying to create something to represent world diversity and all its beauty! Here is what we have so far…
Day 10|340x255

Thank you to everybody!


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PM sent.

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I will help… no problem. PM Sent

I am happy to send from Taiwan

Great! I will PM you the address

Would love to send one from Hong Kong.

Sent you a PM with the address

I will send a postcard fromTaiwan.

Awesome! I sent you a PM with the address.

I am happy to send a postcard to you

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If you need a card from New York City, please send me your class mailing address. Regards, JamesC

If Latvia is needed…

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Hello! I want to send a postcard, but I don’t know how to PM.

I send from Germany and / or Austria if you want. Please PM

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