Giveaway: Native/Indigenous to US & Canadians

Hello…I am offering cards featuring Native Americans to members in the US and Canada. I collect this theme (see my blog):

But I have so many that will never get mailed as officials, and I am happy to share for free. I have too many to scan, but let me know if you have a preference (men, women, youth, arts/crafts, very touristy, archaeological, politics, maps, with animals such as horses or sheep) or if you are looking for a particular tribe/region (most are western & SW tribes). I have hundreds of extra cards so I may be able to satisfy your request! (Note: most of the Native cards today use a historic b&w photo, but I have a few with contemporary color photos).

Send me a message with your wishes and address…if you would like to send me a Native American/Canadian First Nation card from your area that would be lovely, but is not required or expected.


Hello! I would love a card of either arts or crafts or a horse (war horse or decorated pony or Native American related animal) thank you! Will send you a pm

I do not have cards if this nature from my area( hard to find) but so do have a B/W if Geronimo which is a copy (zazzle) card or other illustrated cards of horses that are not necessarily Native American. If you would like , tell me what other cards you prefer and would be happy to send One to you.

i love animal cards, or cards with native people too.

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Thank you for the giveaway!
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Thank you for the giveaway!

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I would love one! Thank you for offering. I’ll send you a message.

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Thanks for the great giveaway!

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You are so generous. Thanks very much.

@Izzy2018 - Received my card yesterday, thank you so much! We have a small garden, but this year it’s too hot to grow anything. :relaxed:

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