{Giveaway} Native American/Indigenous basket card

I bought a bulk quantity of this Lowie Museum card featuring a basket made by the Kitanemuk people of California and am offering them free to US, Canada & Mexico (cards sent to Canada & MX will include the new USPS stamp featuring Raven stealing the light, created by a Tlingit artist. This is our first Native designed stamp). Please send me your address in a pm


PM sent. Thank you!

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I have a dozen going to the post office but have plenty more!

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@Izzy2018 Did the Kitanemuk people nearly go extinct but rebuilding themselves now as the Tejon?

Yes…most CA Natives were wiped out by 1900 by disease, gold miner attacks, and the state bounty on Indian scalps. The K. were down to just 100 but renamed by the US Govt and now have about 1000. They dont have any reserved land but are trying to set up a gaming casino. Often tribes will use the profits to repurchase their land

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I received it today! It’s so gorgeous :heart_eyes: TYSM

Sorry,I thought it was for all world.Thanks again :innocent:

Is this offer still open? If so I would love to receive one. I actually make baskets, but the one on that card puts my baskets to shame!

California Native artists make the best baskets!


So lovely

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